3 key factors to make your wellness strategy successful


The health and well-being of employees are a significant factor in the productivity and costs of the employee and this must be reflected in their wellness strategy.

Therefore be part of any strategy to have an effective employee commitment.

62% of committed employees feel that their work positively affects their physical health.

Companies that invest in health and wellness really save money in the long term by reducing health care costs and reducing the loss of productivity  due to illness-related absenteeism.

So, what does an effective wellness strategy look like? Your Health and Wellness strategy should be voluntary participation, with a long-term vision and that is easy to participate.

A lasting and effective wellness strategy must cover 3 key factors to get employees involved and have the expected results:

1- Encourage physical activity

It implies promoting physical activity and incorporating it into the daily routine. If you do not have the free space for any fitness activity or the money to invest in a gym within your company, do not worry, all you need is a bit of creativity to get similar results.

One idea is to hire a yoga instructor or a personal trainer once or twice a week for group fitness classes at a nearby park.

You can also include “active tables” that include standing workstations or even treadmills available for employee use.

2- Use gamification

A great way to inspire participation in wellness activities is to awaken the power of friendly competition. Physical group challenges are an excellent way to involve more people at the same time. You can use apps like WeFitter to track who accumulated the most steps or who burned more calories each month so you can reward them.

According to a study, 45% of employees surveyed said that a gamification component would encourage healthy competition and teamwork

Do you want to know how to incorporate gamification into your company?

3- Provide access to healthy meals

Giving access to meals, snacks and healthy drinks during the working day will improve the overall health of your staff. Today there are companies, such as Refruiting, that bring fruit to the office. A gesture that everyone in the office will end up loving.

Incorporating actions aimed at covering these 3 key factors, not only the health of employees will improve in a general way. They will also appreciate the gesture and the concern that the company has for their health.

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