4 ideas to increase teamwork in the office


Activities that encourage teamwork for work are vital for the success of your business. In fact, the personal links formed between the team members really give your company a competitive advantage. That’s the reason why a company must increase teamwork

One study found that friendships formed at work increase employee satisfaction by 50%.

The companies in which your workers are committed to outperforming the competition when it comes to things like profits, productivity and turnover.

Now, how do we achieve that team building is formed?

1- Participate in sports activities

Participate in races, create your own soccer/basketball team, or create a running club in your office. These options will offer your employees the possibility to interact with each other and create links at the same time they get fit.

It is an excellent option so that they can exchange advice. Or even train together to overcome your own goals and feel team satisfaction when the goal is achieved.

You can encourage yourself to create small challenges within your wellness program such as the one offered by WeFitter. They will be able to see their progress and evolution.

2- It’s time to celebrate!

Recognize and celebrate in the office when someone does something right or reaches the goals. The satisfaction of a job well done multiplies x10 when it is socially recognized.

Small details as a thank you note to someone who has given 100% for an excellent result. Or a healthy snack for the team to reach the proposed objectives will make a difference and will make the team join even more.

3- Give an epic welcome to the new

Working in a new company may not be an easy process to carry. New tasks, new people to know, adapt to a new company .. what if we do everything much more bearable?

Give a warm, fun and different welcome to the new member of your team. The employee can meet the different people with whom he/she will work. The employee will feel much more comfortable and as a member of your company’s family.

4- Team activities

There are endless activities that you can do as a team. From going to karaoke, a kart circuit, dance classes, to going to an escape room to test your skills and teamwork to 100%


And you, what do you do to make your workers work as a team?

If you want to start promoting teamwork through sports competitions and making them follow an active and healthy life, do not hesitate to ask us for information.

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