5 Scientifically backed ways to de-stress right away


Think of your brain as a disaster management unit; whenever something goes wrong, your mind tells the respective antibodies to fix the problem. Stress is a problem that we have to face almost every day, and once the brain gets an alert signal of a situation that we aren’t able to control, high levels of cortisol enter our bloodstream. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress. It is responsible for hyperventilating and anxiety.

High-stress levels interfere with our ability to process properly, and that is why we need to know of ways to de-stress and unwind right away. Here mentioned below are five scientifically-backed ways to de-stress immediately.

1. Gamification

While some say, it was a fleeting trend; it has worked wonders in corporate sectors by increasing the rates of productivity and lowering stress levels. Gamification means to add the aspects of gaming such as scoring points, healthy competition and a safe place to retry etc. to any field.

In this case, it will result in the incorporation of such aspects into your work routine. A perfect example is a popular YouTuber Lily Singh, who added games like features to her vlogs so she could get the work done without unnecessary stress.

2. Physical exertion and involuntary attention

Another way to de-stress is physical exertion when you feel like your anxiety and stress are kicking in; all you have to do is go for a walk. While it may seem like a minor step, it can have miraculous effects. You can use Fitness Tracker Wearables to monitor the spike and the fall in your heartbeat and blood pressure before and after a walk.

3. Join corporate wellness activities

Joining corporate wellness activities can help you de-stress easily. We often get more stressed when we think that we’re alone in something. Joining a corporate wellness activity, whether it’s a chatting session or group yoga is sure to help you come to terms with your worries. Seeing that others are struggling with their daily tasks can give you the reassurance that it is okay to not be perfect all the time. Such realizations are bound to help you de-stress.

You can also advise your company to hire a data-driven health care company and use insure-tech so that better analytics can lead to more customized wellness activities with better technology to aid the process.

4. Tears hemp oil

The benefits of phoenix tears are numerous. While its benefits range from curing insomnia to even certain tumors, it is also an effective remedy against high-stress levels. While many people are cynical when it comes to marijuana extracts, there are numerous research papers online proving the medicinal abilities of the respective plant.

5. Catharsis

Make sure that you have a way of catharsis. Bottling up your feelings and keeping them to yourself can result in panic attacks and even depression. When you’re stressed out, the best way to tackle it is by talking to someone you can trust. Just go to the person and unload your worries so you can come to work with a fresh mind.

I hope the ways mentioned above help you with managing your stress and anxiety. A healthy mind results in a healthy body, remember to take breaks so your mind can keep up.

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