6 Ways to Unwind and De-stress Your Mind Naturally


6 Ways to Unwind and De-stress Your Mind Naturally

Do you stay anxious throughout the day? What makes your stress hormones pumping? Whether it is because of your hectic routine, high-pressure job, toxic colleagues, or anything else, you have the ability to calm yourself instantly.

For all those suffering from anxiety and stress issues, here we have some of the best ways to unwind and de-stress naturally. So, stick around to read more.

1- Try Deep Breathing Exercises

Everyone knows how beneficial deep breathing exercises are. They can calm your mind down, unwind your juggling thoughts and tame your anger in seconds.

According to yogis, it is a highly effective de-stressing practice when you simply get in touch with yourself and pay attention to your breath. This method is known as pranayama, and it is one of the core concepts of yoga.

Talking about the biological significance of the theory, deep breathing gives a boost to oxygen levels in the body and calms down the central nervous system making you relax. Hence, if you want to unwind instantly, try a few deep breathing techniques, and you’ll be good to go.

2- Get Your Muscles Moving

Want to control your stress levels? Get yourself moving! It is as simple as that! Even though it is a controversial statement, but it is said, physical stress can help you get rid of mental stress. In easy words, regular exercise is an effective remedy to deal with anxiety and stress.

When you begin exercising on a daily basis, it releases endorphins in the bloodstream. Endorphins are the hormones produced by the CNS mainly responsible for stress relief, happy mood and more. If you’re too busy to go to a gym, you can exercise at home or merely go for a walk.

Going for an early morning walk can put your mind into a state of mindfulness. It helps boost your mood and keeps stress and anxiety at bay. Needless to say, a morning walk is the simplest way to unwind your mind.

3- Go for Stress Relieving Herbs

They say using a little extra help doesn’t hurt anybody! Centuries ago, when there were no allopathic medicines, people used to use herbs and plants for various ailments, including stress and anxiety. Following are a few stress-relieving herbs that you can try:

  • Passionflower: Known for its incredible scent, passionflower can help you get rid of stress in a few minutes only. According to a study, passionflower is as efficient in treating stress and anxiety as anti-anxiety prescription medicines.
  • Lavender: When talking about de-stressing, one cannot simply forget about lavender. It comes with subtle sleep-inducing effects and can help soothe the anxiety. The best way to use it is in the form of essential oil. After a long and hectic day at work, take a bath with some lavender essential oil and enjoy unwinding your body as well as mind.
  • Kratom: Native to the southeast countries like Indonesia and Thailand, Kratom is a magical plant when it comes to pain and stress relief. Although it has some opiate-like effects, it is not really an opiate. You can visit this website in order to know more about Kratom and its useful stress-relieving properties.

Stress and anxiety bring along various symptoms, from muscles spasms and stomach-related issues to insomnia and weeping spells, everybody responds to anxiety in a different way. It doesn’t matter what your symptoms are and how you respond to stress; you need to de-stress and balance yourself. So, try out these natural herbs, they’re worth a shot!

4- Take Care of Your Diet

You may have heard the expression, ‘you are what you eat,’ which is absolutely correct. What you eat is closely connected to how you feel. It is precisely the reason you eat your favorite food when you’re stressed out. Nevertheless, junk food is not a healthy option for you.

Your favorite food items may indeed bring comfort to you for a while, but it is temporary. Try and switch to greens, organic stuff, including fresh vegetables and fruits. Start small!

Eating green and organic food is healthy for the body. It is something that can provide you with lots of energy, make you more and more productive for the day, and improve your health not just physically but mentally as well. Thus, let’s ditch the junk food and switch to healthy options instead.

5- Walk Barefoot

You may think of it as an insane idea, but it is a small act of reconnecting to nature. Do you know our earth comes with a lot of free electrons?! According to experts, these electrons bring along antioxidant effects, which is quite surprising.

Walking barefoot for a few minutes every day can help you absorb those electrons, which are great for your health. Apart from that, walking around without slippers makes you connect with the earth on a deeper level. Maintaining a spiritual connection with nature can also help manage everyday life stress and unwind those racing thoughts all at once.

6- Remember That You’re Human

Last but not least, stop being a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist may be a quality for some, but it is something that brings along a lot of stress. Remember that you’re a human being, and human beings are prone to making mistakes.

Get rid of all the unrealistic standards that may be pulling you down in the abyss of stress. Learn to live in the moment, and you’ll observe a significant drop in your stress levels. When you start accepting things as they are, you get a better hold of life!

After all the stressful chores in the day, the last thing you need is to de-stress and unwind. Give a try to the simple tips mentioned above if you want to successfully hold anxiety and stress at bay. Have a wonderful day!



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David Martin is currently a final year student of Neuroscience at California University. He is passionate about writing and takes a keen interest in all things that alter our mental makeup. He regularly writes blogs at https://bestkratomcanada.ca/.

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