7 Immediate measures to help you shed those extra pounds

extra weight

Let’s be serious. Extra weight does not do you any favors. Extra weight can cause many problems like joint pain and arthritis. If you want to stay healthy and active, you will need to lose some of those extra pounds, but that is easier said than done. You will need to put in a lot of hard work to get fit. The target is to decrease the percentage of fat from your body and build more muscle.

According to nutritionists, your body fat percentage should be between 15 and 20 percent. So, to help you get super healthy and athletic, here is a list of some measures you will have to take to lose weight quickly and safely.

  • Follow a Healthy Diet

This is quite obvious tip. Of course, you can’t expect to get any lighter and healthier if your diet is unhealthy. If you want to lose weight immediately, you will need to create a healthy diet plan that incorporates fewer carbs and more lean proteins.

Avoid all processed and junk food. Try to eat more meals but in smaller portions and fill up on veggies and salads. There are many diet plans available on the web, they are quite effective, but for the best results, you should get an appointment with a nutritionist and have a diet plan customized according to your body type and preferences. Following a healthy diet, itself can have amazing effects, and when it is paired with an active and healthy exercise routine, it can help you get fit really quickly.

  • Try CrossFit and HIIT

If you want to lose weight, you will obviously have to do some exercise. Many people who are trying to lose weight visit weightlifting gyms, this sort of exercise is somewhat effective, but if you want to lose weight quickly and more effectively, you should start doing CrossFit and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT is one of the best methods to lose weight, and you can get amazing results within a very short time. HIIT incorporates high-intensity exercises for small intervals followed by small intervals of active rest. This method has been scientifically proven to burn more fat, improve your cardio, and boost your metabolism.

HIIT is also mere fun and exciting than standing in one place and lifting weights because the exercises in HIIT are constantly changing. So, instead of joining a weightlifting gym, join a CrossFit club for weight loss and you will see the results immediately.

  • Try Using Cannabis to Help With Weight Loss

Cannabis is very popular in the US and Canada, and after the recent legalization of medical cannabis in many American states and Canada, it has gained even more popularity. Recent studies have proven cannabis to have many medicinal benefits such as relieving stress, anxiety, and pain.

Recent studies have also shown that CBD, which is a cannabis extract can aid in weight loss as well. CBD is the extract that is responsible for many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and it does not have any psychoactive effects on the human mind.

CBD oil can accelerate the performance of your metabolic system, and it can help with the effective digestion of food. And unlike cannabis with THC, which increases your appetite, CBD can actually reduce your hunger and help you consume fewer calories. So, visit Lotuslandclub.com online to get the best CBD products.

  • Drink A Lot of Water

Drinking water can help you lose weight in many ways. It can boost your metabolism, decrease water retention, clear your body of toxins and suppress your hunger as well. So, drinking the right amount of water should be your priority if you are trying to lose weight.

A common rule that many nutritionists say you should follow is the 8×8 rule. According to this rule, you should drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. Also, make sure that you drink water before your meals, and wait at least one hour after a meal before drinking water because drinking water after meals can disrupt the digestive system and cause bloating and water retention.

  • Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Proper sleep is necessary for a healthy body. If you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism can’t work optimally. This can affect your digestion and increase fat. Not getting enough sleep can also increase water retention and bloating. So, make sure that you get the recommended six to eight hours of sleep daily.

It is also preferable that you sleep at night between 10 pm to 7 am in the morning. Proper sleep can also boost your immune system and fat burning. So, follow a healthy sleep cycle with your workouts and diet to get the best results.

  • Try Intermittent Fasting

Another super effective method for losing weight quickly is intermittent fasting. This method is super effective because it reduces your calorie intake and forces your body to burn its internal fat for energy.

There are many different routines of intermittent fasting that people follow, you could fast for 16 hours and have an 8-hour window for eating, or if you want to go more extreme, you can do 20 hours of fasting with 4 hours of eating. Combining intermittent fasting with workouts and a healthy diet can help you drop a lot of weight in a very short time.

  • Stay Motivated and Follow a Plan

One of the most important things, when you are losing weight, is proper motivation. You need to be motivated if you are going to get through the strict diets and workouts. Remember that losing weight is hard, but once you have done it, maintaining a healthy weight is quite easy.

Create specific goals for yourself and keep track of your progress so that you can stay motivated. You should take pictures daily so that you can note the subtle changes and improvements in your body. Following a strict diet can sometimes get really hard. Many nutritionists suggest having a cheat meal once in a while to stay motivated. As long as you maintain an active lifestyle having a cheat meal once a week is not a big deal.

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