8 ways to boost productivity of your employees


The talent of your workforce is the most valuable thing in your company and from the Management and HR should be taken initiatives that encourage motivation and commitment of employees to increase their productivity.

Productivity is closely related to commitment. And this is the time of participation and involvement of team members.

20% of the workday is a waste of time, money and resources for most companies.

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We talk about some of them with which you will improve the productivity of employees and this will positively influence the results of the company:

1- Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces

Have a space equipped with comfortable furniture where you can meet to collaborate on projects and let creativity flow. You can find a space in your office or even a space near it where you can carry it out.

2- Create flexible work hours

Everyone likes more flexibility with work because it allows you to structure the day to your lifestyle. What matters most is the quality and effectiveness of someone’s work.

3- Offer a day of work remotely every week or every two weeks

It provides your responsible and reliable team members with the option to work remotely 1 day out of the week. Remote work allows people to work more productively, eliminate long journeys and spend more time with their family.

4- Share personal goals on a whiteboard

Get a whiteboard in which people only write their non-work related wellness goals. Things like “Going to the gym 3 times a week”, “eating healthier”, or “reading 20 books this year” are some examples for people to start.

5- Team meeting

Schedule a weekly meeting with all team members to say the main goals of each person during the week and let everyone know what they are going to do. This is important to know the work in which each will work and its importance.

6- Time reserved for setting objectives

It consists of spending a moment each week with the purpose of planning the work of the following week. Use this time to return to establish the objectives, evaluate what has been working and what has not and take action in this regard. 

In your company, do you have some ways to improve productivity?

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