9 reasons to ride a bike to work

According to the Bicycle Barometer in Spain published in 2017, 19 million Spaniards and Spaniards between 12 and 79 years old, use the bicycle frequently and almost a quarter do so on a weekly basis.

The number of users of the bike has grown by 3.5 million since 2009 and the promotion of public policies to promote the bicycle has broad popular support.

In the large cities, the most frequent and intensive use of it for daily commutes stands out (54.2%), among which is to go to work or to the place of studies, although its main uses are still walking and playing sports.

In this sense, the bicycle has replaced displacements in motor vehicles, such as motorcycles and cars, and even on foot.

According to the study of the OCU, in Spain, the cities most valued by bicycle users and users for the conditions they offer for the use of this means of transport are Seville, San Sebastian, Vitoria and Valencia.

However, six out of ten residents say that they live in a municipality with bicycle paths, especially in cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants.

9 reasons to ride a bike to work

The benefits of cycling to work are numerous, but we wanted to highlight 9 of them so that, if you have not yet tried, you decide to give this healthy, ecological and economic means of transport an opportunity:

1. Fun

Going by bicycle is fun, easy and simple. Many people remember with nostalgia this episode of their childhood, the moment they learned to master this vehicle, the first falls and the carefree walks through the streets in which they grew up, wishing they could do it again. Using the bicycle to go to work will allow you to recover that feeling!

And if you did not have the opportunity to live that experience in your childhood, think that it is never too late if happiness is good! Once you learn, you will not want to get off the bike and, even if you leave it parked for a while, you will never forget how to drive it.

2. Sport

Using the bicycle is good for your health. Although the exact calories that are lost vary according to the person, speed or topography, cycling means, on average, as many calories as jogging, with considerably less impact on the joints.

Cycling improves the cardiovascular system and aerobic effort, decreases blood pressure, increases energy, builds muscle and helps improve coordination. Incorporating the benefits of using the bicycle in your day-to-day could save you going to the gym!

3. Happiness

Nobody enjoys being inside the car in the middle of traffic or driving in a congested city. Going by bicycle to work can increase your state of satisfaction by avoiding this type of daily stress situation, being able to consider it a form of escape and therapy against the suffocation of the city.

In addition, several studies claim that playing sports daily can relieve symptoms of depression, help with sleep disorders to those who suffer insomnia and reduce anxiety or stress. In addition, exercising outdoors, both in rural and urban environments, increases self-confidence and general well-being.

4. Intelligence

Physical exercise helps to prevent cognitive decline, improving memory and learning abilities and, in general, the performance of the brain.

5. Money

Perhaps this is the most immediate benefit: cycling daily helps you save money. If you usually drive to work by car, you will know the monthly expenses of fuel, food, insurance, repairs or parking. If you use public transport, you will have the monthly recharge costs.

Although the bicycle will also need some maintenance or sporadic arrangement, the value is unparalleled and you will notice it in your account quickly.

6. Fresh air

For you and for others! According to the Eurostat study, in 2015 Spain was above the European Union average in relation to the amount of emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. Cycling not only saves energy, whereas according to the Italian Federation Amici della Bicicletta consumed 50 times less energy than a car, and protects the environment by reducing the levels of air and noise pollution.

7. Comfort

One of the prejudices most commonly associated with riding a bicycle is the fact that it is not comfortable. But will not it be more comfortable than looking for a place to park the car for 20 minutes every morning or spend hours in traffic?

When you ride your bike to work, finding parking is as easy as locating the nearest sidewalk, putting the lock on and going on with your life. The cyclists do not suffer from traffic jams or delays and unforeseen public transport, taking the bicycle as a means of rapid transport for day to day in cities.

In addition, today there are backpacks designed to carry all the material you need to work, including lunch, umbrellas and other accessories to make it easier to pedal to work, as well as many workplaces already have areas for parking bicycles

8. Security

The more people use the bicycle in a certain city, the safer they will be, as the number of accidents decreases. In fact, the behavior of car drivers and drivers changes and they begin to include more safe driving practices when the number of cyclists and pedestrians increases.

9. Freedom

For the majority of boys and girls, at the moment they manage to ride a bicycle without auxiliary wheels, they experience great freedom. Later, in adolescence, it is the car or the motorcycle that will allow them to experience that feeling again. But after knowing the disadvantages of these transports, and counting the hours lost in traffic or in search of parking, you will end up seeing it as a prison.

Therefore, to recover the feeling of freedom and make better use of time, many adults get back on the bike and hit the pedals. In fact, according to the Bicycle Barometer in Spain, the average age of users is 40.2 years, two years more than in the previous wave.

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