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Be Active. Be Rewarded.

Be Active. Be Rewarded. That really does put in on point. If you’re willing to improve your fitness & wellbeing, we’re going to reward you for it.

We’ve noticed that more and more people are looking for solutions to monitor their health and weight maintenance, which is great! We also know that 90% of you want to take personal responsibility for health, and turn knowledge into action. But, unfortunately, we’re also aware that there are factors that hinder you from becoming healthy… which is not so great. But no need to sweat (pardon the pun), we’re here to get rid of those barriers. We know why you’re struggling:

It’s hard to stay motivated, especially if no one is recognizing your effort, progress or commitment.

In today’s scientific world, it becomes extremely hard to understand what’s actually best for your body.

Living healthy is expensive.

So, we’ve come up with a simple concept that gets rid of all of these struggles. Yup, it’s true & it’s for free. Keep reading.

We’ve come up with an app that you link to your calorie counter (nike+, runtastic etc.). The exercises you do get converted into points (imagine it like being payed). You can then redeem these points (money) for discounts as well as prizes and gifts within the app.

Of course most of our rewards are linked to a healthy lifestyle, and many of them are discounts, redeemable in local shops near you. Also, it goes without saying that we’ll constantly provide you with new information about essential foods, exercises & challenges, in order to keep your body healthy. As to the motivation: we’re giving you discounts on stuff you actually care about, so that you can afford it. Simultaneously, we’re feeding you (not literally) the most important information, which you need to stay healthy. Additionally, we’re not charging you a penny…motivated? We thought so.

In case you’re wondering how this app can possibly be for free, here’s why:

So, we – the team behind WeFitter – are really quite talented. We’re social workers & entrepreneurs and all of us are absolutely normal individuals… which is why we understand you and your needs.

Fortunately enough, we also understand the needs of bigger companies.

Similarly to getting rid of your personal struggles and burdens, our App is also able to help companies get rid of their problems. These are mostly related to dissatisfied employees and absent workers. So what does this mean? We allow companies to run their own campaigns and events through WeFitter, which fosters a great and even competitive working environment, while making sure everybody stays healthy & happy. Essentially, we motivate a company’s community and turn their company culture into one that is more sustainable and health orientated…and for this we charge minimal fees.

So, what should you take away from this last paragraph? Do yourself (and us) a favour and convince your company to start using WeFitter.

P.S We’re a big fan of the eco-friendly footprint and always try to have a positive impact on both society and our environment.

If you want more information, google us. just kidding. You can simply emailing us at business@wefitter.com – we’d love to hear from you!

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