Bridging the gap between the fitness industry and Health insurers

fitness industry

There is a significant role of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of many ailments. Many sports and athletics organizations tend to promote that the people must concern trained practitioners to uplift their health conditions instead of chiropractic services. Despite this concern, many health insurance companies are hindering access to physical trainers and the fitness industry. Health insurance companies and the fitness industry can combine their efforts to promote better health quality in their population with the assistance of a relative communication channel i.e. medical billing and coding specialists.

Following are the reasons, to bridge the gap between the fitness industry and medical billing professionals;

Quality Assurance:

Physicians are completely aware of the fact that physical exercise will help to drive better recovery in their patients, and such training would rehabilitate their mental and physical loss. But physicians don’t refer the specific fitness training center to their patients because they don’t trust community programming, as there are no laws and regulations for the fitness industry to be abiding by.

Therefore, if the fitness industry wants to collaborate with health care facilities, they have to work according to the regulations defined by HIPAA. Here, medical billing and coding specialists would assist fitness industry by assessing all requirements for quality measurement. They will also help to restrain their quality measures and would help them to build a trustworthy relationship with the health care industry.


Many fitness practitioners usually are not aware of the health care industry process execution schema. They don’t know how to comply with the regulations of health care and don’t take an interest in doing so. Medical billing and coding specialists can help gym owners to claim their payment from health insurance plans by following all of the standards defined by HIPAA. As community-based care is going to be an important part of physical treatment, therefore they need to raise awareness about the health care industry.

The fitness industry can also comply with these regulations by outsourcing their administrative problems to medical billing and coding companies. As, in a simple 1 day visit of a patient to fitness center or physician’s office, leads the medical billing and coding specialists to follow almost 209 standards to generate an accurate claim for reimbursement. As, it is a difficult task for the gym owners to hire too much staff for the complex administrative purpose, they can seek assistance by outsourcing these technical issues to the respective companies.

Fitness Facility Director Certification:

This newly defined but mandatory certification has made it compulsory that the fitness industry must collaborate with medical billing and coding specialists. This certification is designed by considering the broader view of the services provided by the fitness industry. It leads the fitness industry to the population health-management model. Population Health Management refers to the accumulation of patient’s data across multiple resources to create a single, executable record to improve clinical and financial consequences.

Therefore, if the fitness industry is going to build physician-referral networks and integrating their facility as part of the regular continuum of medical rehabilitation, then they also have to involve medical billing and coding staff for health care administration tasks.

Health care awareness:

Medical billing and coding specialists keep and monitor the patient’s record, if the patient receives any services from the fitness centers, then medical codes can provide the information of the disease of that patient to the fitness trainers. They can also provide EIM credentials to the fitness practitioners to aware them of the chronic diseases of the patient. It will assist them to provide relevant services.

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