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  • Increase productivity

    More productivity and less absenteeism of employees.

  • Improve engagement

    Engage and create a deeper sense of loyalty with your customers by connecting with what really matters to them.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Raising awareness, motivating and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Promote Health & Wellness

    Reward your customers for staying healthy. Create a strong bond between your brand and the customer's desire to stay both fit and healthy.


    Wearable device data can allow companies insights into undiscovered wants and needs of customers.

  • Gamification

    Exercising and being active becomes a more engaging and rewarding experience. Improves team Building and healthy competitiveness.

How does it work

By rewarding personal achievements, the relationship between your community and company is strengthened

  • Employees

    • Working motivation is increased, leading to an increase in returns. A decrease in absences is also to be expected
  • Customers

    • The development of a more personal relationship between customers and the company leads to a significant increase in brand loyalty and product/service engagement

Seamless process for end user

Get connected

Connect with your fitness tracking app, device or fitness center account

Earn points exercising

At the end of your activity, we will convert your workout into WeFitter points!.

Get the most of your workout

Win prizes, join new challenges and contribute to social causes

Gain data and improve

Track the fitness data to help you gain new valuable insights.

Everyone can participate

WeFitter connects to more than 16 apps and activity tracking devices and not matter the activities your team members, costumers or consumers love, everything is rewarded.

Customized landing signup page

Customize the experience for your users by creating a unique sign up page with your own logo, images and text

Leader boards

Generate healthy competition. Excercising and being active becomes a fun experience

Rewarding and gamification

Roll out a unique and customized rewards and challenges program in minutes without our backoffice tools

Rewarding and gamification


Tracking, monitoring and statistics are all part of the innovative dashboard. Get fitness insights and measure your reward program's performance

A success story

PhoneHouse employees were challenged to accumulate 40,000 km in two months to endorse a social cause.
1,500 employees took part, with an 80% engagement across its workforce .

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