Can CBD Really Help You Relieve Stress and Can It Be Used At Work?


It’s easy to get stressed out at work, and as much as you’d like to avoid it, a challenging job, the need to survive, and the demands of your family can feel like an unending test. While most people successfully cope with these stressors over time, a few fall into chronic anxiety.

You’re probably here because you’re looking for alternatives since meditation and conventional medication aren’t working anymore in relieving your stress.

Unfortunately, most of the solutions to stress and anxiety fall short for many individuals. One thing you should consider, though, is supplementing your stress treatment with natural products, like Cannabidiol (CBD). The endocannabinoid system of your body plays a role in regulating your stress responses, so it only makes sense that CBD products, like CBD infused tea, may help.

Can CBD really help you relieve stress, and can it be used at work? Find out more below.


How Do You Define Stress?

Before delving into the ways on how CBD products can help with stress, take a look at the different common types of stress first.

  1. Oxidative Stress – Your body can eliminate free radicals naturally. However, if the antioxidants aren’t enough to help the body function effectively, it can result in free radicals building up and causing stress. An increased amount of these molecules, if not controlled, produces tissue damage and inflammation in various organs over time.
  2. Anxiety-Associated Stress – Anxiety and depression are serious mental health problems that can result in emotional and physical stress. Anxiety causes a person to go into fight-or-flight mode, raising cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine levels by activating the stress response of the body.

Depression, on the other hand, is the deep feeling of hopelessness and sadness that affects a person’s daily life. Chemical imbalances and situational stress come together with this mental disorder.

In some cases, stress coupled with depression pushes an individual to commit suicide.

  1. Situation Stress – Tough situations in life can be very challenging to escape away from and raise the stress levels of a person. Similar to anxiety and depression, fight-or-flight hormones result from these situations and damages health.

Can CBD Help Relieve Stress?

The truth is, the answer to this question may vary among individuals since everyone is unique and may respond differently to CBD treatment. However, several studies have pointed out the ability of CBD products to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety when combined with other natural ways to combat it at work.

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, understanding how CBD can relieve stress and increase productivity in your workplace can be beneficial.

Here’s how CBD can relieve stress in work:

  • Improves Sleep – Some people consume or apply CBD products, like CBD oil, at night to sleep better. Several studies found out that CBD enhances sleep patterns and the quality of sleep.

As you’ve probably experienced, the lack of sleep is one significant factor for workplace stress and decreased productivity. If you want to be less prone to it, you have to be more relaxed at work. Taking CBD products before leaving the office or at night can help you achieve it.

  • Be Motivated And Stay Focused – Whenever work gets monotonous, it’s easy to feel demotivated and lose focus. Depression, anxiety, and stress all result from a decrease in motivation at work.

One research indicated that CBD could activate the receptors in the body that attenuate motivational dysfunction. If you don’t want to be in a slump and prevent stress, you’ll need a motivational boost coming from CBD.

  • Reduce Work-Related Pain – Work-related pain can be a significant stressor. From back pain due to manual labor to a wrist or neck pain caused by working on the computer all day, your workplace won’t run out of factors that increase pain levels.

Fortunately, CBD helps in managing pain through its anti-inflammatory effects. You can reduce pain levels by taking CBD-infused products in the middle of your shift or whenever you feel the need to consume or apply one.

  • Enhances Your Mood – CBD boosts the natural cannabinoids of the body to improve your mood. An enhanced mood keeps you working at your best. It’s best to take CBD before going to your workplace for increased productivity.


How Much CBD Should You Take?

CBD has started to become widely accepted because of the increasing number of scientific studies revolving around it. Several pieces of research point out that CBD is for everyone; seniors, adults, and even kids can take it in different quantities to alleviate the symptoms of not only stress but also other conditions.

However, there isn’t a standard quantity for all when incorporating CBD to their daily treatment routines, so it’s best to consult your doctor about it. It’s essential to get the advice of experts since the CBD dosage for treating conditions, like anxiety and stress, depends on many factors, including your sensitivity to the drug, how often do you plan to take it in a day, and whether you’re taking CBD in combination with other medications.

Most doctors would recommend taking a few drops if, say, you’re going to use CBD oil and then observe how you feel. You can start from there and increase the dosage little by little if you could hardly experience the positive effects after a couple of weeks.

The good thing about CBD products is that their side effects are only limited to headaches and dizziness when overdosing, at least from what people have reported so far. That said, taking it in high quantities is something you shouldn’t worry too much as long as your physician prescribes it.


Final Thoughts

Stressors are almost everywhere in this modern world. That said, people suffering from chronic stress symptoms need a more holistic healing approach. Medical experts are now starting to suggest a combination of pharmaceutical treatments, traditional psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, like meditation and yoga, and natural supplements, like CBD infused tea and CBD edibles, for better results in fighting stress.

If you choose to include CBD products in your comprehensive stress and anxiety treatment plan, it’s best to consult a medical professional about your plans, especially if you’re already taking prescription medications.

Hopefully, this post can help you make up your mind and decide if CBD is worth taking a try for stress management at work or not.

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