Reto Diet Box - 500 puntos ¡Comer sano mola! Únete al #RetoDietBox sumando 500 puntos y consigue una caja DietBox
08/09/2016 - 28/09/2016
Goal: 500 points
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Cuidar la alimentación es fundamental a la hora de llevar una vida saludable. Por ello DietBox incluye en sus cajas saludables las últimas novedades en productos y alimentos saludables.

¿Quieres una? Apúntate al #RetoDietBox y consigue 500 puntos en 21 días para superarlo.

Recompensa (5 unidades): Una caja saludable DietBox valorada en más de 16€wefitter-dietboxSólo por participar en el reto disfrutarás de un exclusivo descuento del 10% en todos los productos de la tienda online DietBox.

*Reto disponible sólo en España. Los ganadores son elegidos al azar entre los que superen el reto. Enviaremos un email a todos los participantes del reto con los nombres de los ganadores el 07/10/2016

This challenge is exclusive for WeFitter users
Frequently asked questions

How long does the promotion last?

Until the 28 of September (inclusive). We reward commitment and your effort to make exercise a habit.

How do I earn points?

Using your favorite app or device to track your favorite activity: Running, cycling, walking, etc. Earn 1 point for every 10 calories burned. (This is an approx. value based on the type of sport activity and the tracking app)

Which apps and devices can I use?

WeFitter is compatible with most fitness apps and devices.
Check it out!.

Wefitter compatible apps and devices

What do I win if I pass the challenge, but don't win one of the prizes?

Everyone is a winner! All points you get from WeFitter can be redeemed against WeFitter prizes. There are many awesome prizes to choose from!

Is there a daily limit on the points I can earn?

Yes, there is a daily limit of 200 points. We reward your perseverance and healthy habits.


Global challenge is to reach a target among all participants while an individual challenge, the target set is individual for each participant


The goal of the challenge is the total exercise you have to do to meet the challenge. These can be for kilometers, burned calories, active time or WeFitter points.