Coaching: what is it and what types are there?


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that focuses on solving specific problems or achieving specific objectives in a quick and quantifiable way. The coach will orient and guide the client or client from their current state and starting point to the desired state and the defined goal.

This relationship has to be based on confidentiality, honesty and responsibility. The main purpose will be to overcome challenges, enhance capacities and improve self-confidence, throughout a stimulating and creative process, which inspires and maximizes the professional or personal potential of those who require this type of service.

There are several types of coaching and we will explain three of them: personal coaching, family coaching and business coaching.

Personal coaching

As its name suggests, this branch of coaching aims at a personal transformation. This change can be both at the level of lifestyle and eating habits, and at the level of anxiety, love relationships, stress, financial management or sports performance, among other things. There are many fields in which personal coaching can act.

The essential thing is to define the goals that are intended to achieve and achieve them throughout the process. The role of the coach is to empower each person, helping him to find in himself all the answers and to introduce improvements in his life.

Acquiring and reinforcing self-confidence, overcoming blockages, fears and beliefs, improving communication and assertiveness, setting goals and developing self-awareness are some of the purposes of a personal coaching process.

Family coaching

Sometimes it is not easy to maintain a harmonious family dynamic. There are heights in which it is necessary to face some conflicts and in which the different members that make up the family are not in tune, there are disputes or erroneous interpretations between brothers, fathers, mothers and children.

Through family coaching, the coach defines together with the family the objectives and the plan of action for all members, in order to promote a series of positive communication skills, of valorization of the characteristics of each one, of respect and cooperation.

In this type of session, the action plan and the tools necessary to solve the problem are discovered by the family members themselves. That is, the professional directs the session through significant questions (or more active dynamics, such as small games or challenges), in which each one will have to think and reflect. By finding each their own solutions, the implementation of them will be easier and, probably, more effective.

Business coaching

Coaching services are not limited to the field of private life. Another type of coaching is directly related to the work ecosystem. The business environments and the most demanding markets are constantly changing, and the different members of an organization or company must face high levels of pressure.
To this must be added that it is not easy to manage relationships and ensure efficient communication within the entity itself, given that each person has their own needs, characteristics, abilities and weaknesses.

Business coaching aims to promote the success of the organization at all levels. The coach directs the sessions through processes that promote and establish changes in thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, aligning them to achieve the intended success. Normally, to achieve this, the professional not only dynamizes the sessions through the speech, but also resorts to questions and practical exercises of brainstorming, mental maps and interpretation of images.

From here, the focus will be on finding solutions and establishing strategies tailored to the needs of each person, with the aim of improving skills that these have not so developed and to enhance everything that, naturally, can offer.

A coaching service can be an excellent orientation for the most diverse areas. The purpose will always be to implement changes, strengthen individual and / or collective capacities and destroy the barriers that may exist, through tools that the person himself defines throughout the sessions. A good or a good coach can be key so that you know the best version of yourself.

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