How to drive employee wellness and engagement through training & development

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At WeFitter we think Wellness is no longer a trend in the corporate world but a baseline that employees expect of organizations today —it should be part of a company’s culture and values, both of which are top factors that job seekers today take into account when considering a potential employer.

Safeguarding the mental, physical, emotional and financial health of employees in the workplace, corporate wellbeing goes hand in hand with employee engagement as they are linked to job satisfaction and improved performance. According to the statistics featured in’s 2019 L&D Report, the role L&D plays in driving employee engagement is at the core of the success of many businesses and having a strong training and development strategy that’s geared towards wellness leads to higher retention and satisfaction levels in employees.

Find out below how, combined with a strong learning culture and the opportunities that L&D can provide, wellness and engagement are key to business success.

How do employee wellness and engagement affect your business?

The benefits attained by high levels of employee engagement and well-being span across all areas of a business and are palpable on all levels. Abundant data shows that high employee well-being and engagement lowers turnover and absenteeism, improves customer service and product quality, and is conducive higher profits, lower healthcare costs and even higher shareholder value.

In addition, investing in employee well-being practices is also a simple way to upgrade an employer brand which in turn leads to better talent acquisition and retention levels and attracting quality employees who are engaged and committed to working for your business is a first step towards overall corporate success.

The lack of wellness and engagement on the other hand is just as noticeable, with poor communication and feedback, lack of empathy, high stress and a draining work-life balance being only a few of the many symptoms of a toxic and unengaged workplace.

How L&D can improve wellbeing and engagement levels in your workplace

So how can L&D initiatives help with employee well-being and engagement in the workplace? Here are a few data backed ways to apply training to up employee engagement levels in your organization and to address company wellness issues at their core, according to findcourses’ L&D Report:

Develop soft skills

Companies with highly engaged employees are 1.5x more likely to prioritize soft skills development, linking engagement to soft skills training. The possibility to grow within a company is one of job seekers main concerns today, both personally and professionally, and an organization must provide employees with training opportunities to this end.

Soft skills are a way in which employees can attain training that benefits them both personally and professionally — they engage a person on different levels, both mentally and emotionally, and have been linked to increased confidence and performance, therefore upgrading employee and corporate well-being overall.

Classroom training

While virtual classroom training exists and is a great learning option, the face to face experience of classroom training seems to hold power over learners and lengthens their attention, so much so that companies whose staff reports as highly engaged were 94% more likely to be offering those staff members classroom training.

Diversity & inclusion

Companies that saw growth in 2018 were 72% more likely to have high diversity in their organization compared to the ones that didn’t, which means that lack of diversity in the workplace is not only harmful to employer branding —it creates an image of intolerance and limits recruiting potential— it puts a damper on business success itself.

Diversity is a symbol of the modern organization, inclusive and tolerant, and D&I training is the best way to get there and can be considered part of a company’s wellness initiatives, especially taking into account that the opposite of a diverse corporation is most probably subject to unhealthy and toxic biases which can be harmful to employees and affect their engagement.

The bottom line is that by creating a strong learning culture in the workplace through creative L&D strategies you can better employee well-being and engagement, which leads to better retention and satisfaction levels for employees, as well as to better performance levels for your organization overall.

WeFitter gamification method can help your employees improve motivation. Want to know more? contact us.

Louisa Garcia Moreno is a content editor for the education and professional development portals and Based in Stockholm, she has written articles on a wide range of subjects about trends within education and professional training, such as L&D, cultures of innovation and leadership.

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