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A spin-off with a twist!

WeFitter is a subsidiary of Thunderbyte.AI as of 2018. Before becoming one of the most active projects of Thunderbyte.AI, WeFitter was active in the Spanish market, operating in Barcelona. The start-up had a proven track record in corporate wellness and fitness solutions, with highly reputable clients and professional customers. 


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This is Thunderbyte.AI

WeFitter is a product of Thunderbyte AI, an experienced company (+10 years) helping organizations with AI and machine learning cases and being fully dedicated to the digital health sector, while cotributing to the transformation towards preventive healthcare.

Thunderbyte.AI is a spin-off from Target Holding (2009), and was formally founded in 2019. The company prides itself in extremely professional services, innovative projects and remarkable knowledge and expertise in IT, AI and digital health. Our founders, Gert-Jan and Pascal, are leading the team of data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers, back and front end developers and commercially minded individuals towards becoming a brand for the future of digital health and wellness. 

This is WeFitter

Our mission

Rich features, easy integration, fun and simple gamification - healthier lifestyle with the WeFitter API.

Our vision

"Healthier end-user lifestyles" - Powered by the WeFitter software & technologies.

Our goal

WeFitter was born from the strive to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For end-users, from creators, with the latest technologies and fresh technical expertise. Health redesigned with the best value for money IT solution.

One team. One job.

We are more than a group of people working on software solutions. The WeFitter team is motivated and driven by the importance of fun, awareness, and overall benefits of a healthy lifestyle for our clients and their end-users.

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