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WeFitter is market and product driven, with a team fully dedicated in maintaining and further developing the WeFitter concept. Check out the stories of our team below!

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Business Owner
Nick is taking care of the commercial side of WeFitter and is always looking for innovative new opportunities in the market. Nick is very much into sporttech, tries every wearable himself & loves to do crossfit.
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Product Owner
Alexandra is the Product Owner/Marketeer for Wefitter, where she puts together her passion for research and exploring creativity. In her free time, she is actively running, while keeping healthy and always experimenting with health apps.
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Business Developer
Max is business developer at WeFitter. He is mostly busy finding new leads or maintaining existing leads. In his spare time he plays basketball.
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Back end developer / data scientist
The wearables supported by WeFitter all have their own behaviors and manners to collect and store data. As a ML Engineer for WeFitter, Jeroen is working on transforming all collected data to our own uniform WeFitter format.
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Machine Learning Engineer
With a background in Artificial Intelligence, Wessel is implementing state-of-the-art features that are making use of the fitness and health data in WeFitter. How can wearables be used next to (just) being fun activity trackers?
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Backend Developer
Robin is joining the WeFitter team as backend developer to make sure the core API is up and running 24/7, becomes even more scalable & new connections are easily added to the API. Robin enjoys staying fit and does so by walking, going to the gym and cycling.
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Back end developer / AI expert
Using his background in Artificial Intelligence, Daan is aiming to expand WeFitter's functionalities and capabilities for analysing available health data. He is a ML engineer who enjoys developing models that can provide meaningful insights!
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App Developer
Mark's passion is making apps and that’s exactly what he’s doing at WeFitter! He’s helping Stefan with making the whitelabel app, fixing bugs and creating new features for our clients. He also likes going on walks during break time.
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App Developer
As an app developer working on WeFitter, Stefan is responsible for the whitelabel app. His code is your starting point! To stay fit, he likes to go to the gym.
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Design Director
Yoni is taking care of the visual identity of WeFitter. She visualise our story and she does this with a lot of passion and creativity. Side note: She loves being sportive, so she can eat more chocolate ;) Ssst it’s a secret.
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Market Research
Zino is conducting his graduation project with WeFitter.
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Thom is supporting WeFitter in the sales funnel.

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