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WeFitter is the Data Controller of personal data that falls within the scope of application of this privacy statement. WeFitter has its registered office in Groningen (the Netherlands), Zernikelaan 6, 9747 AA. For you to be able to use WeFitter, WeFitter must process specific data linked to you. We, as the Data Controller, find it very important that we are careful with your data and therefore we treat the information that you provide as confidential.

We explain how we process your personal data in this privacy statement. Should you have any questions, remarks or complaints about this privacy statement, please contact


Disclaimer for participants related to other legal entities

If you’re participating as part of an organizational client, WeFitter is the Processor and the organizational client is the Data Controller. In this situation this Privacy policy is provided just for your information, the formal Privacy statement will be provided by the organizational client your are participating as part of.



A number of terms are used in our privacy statement that have the following meaning:

  • Personal data: data that says something about you directly or indirectly. For example, your name and address.

  • Special categories of personal data: this is data that is additionally sensitive such as about your ethnic origin, political opinion, religious beliefs or health.

  • Processing: everything that can be done with personal data. For example, collecting, but also saving, using and erasing your data from our administration.



This privacy statement applies to all data that WeFitter collects and processes from (potential) customers, users of its website and other services, visitors and suppliers.


What do we use your data for? 

We use your data for a number of objectives. A few examples:

Provide and maintain our services

We use things like your activity information and username to run things like challenges, groups and other core services. This includes things like scoring your activity in a challenge, populating your dashboard and personal trends, enabling our community features, and providing you with support.

Develop and improve our services

By using our product, you’re constantly helping us to improve! We take a look at what is resonating with most of our users to ensure we can continue to create useful features that you love. We’re always looking to make our existing features better and how you interact with our product helps us decide what improvements should be made.

Communicate with you

We use your information to communicate important service, account or support updates. This allows us to provide relevant information about our product and to respond to you when you contact us. You can always turn off your marketing preferences by unsubscribing at the bottom of emails and by adjusting your app notifications in your profile settings. 

Keep our services safe and secure

It’s important that you’re always safe and secure when using our services. We use some of your information to ensure we are only allowing secure usage by authenticating your account details, protecting against fraud and abuse and enforcing our terms and policies.

The following data of users could be collected:

  • Basic Personal Data: “First Name’’, “Last Name’’, “Nickname’’, “Gender’’ and “Date of Birth’’

  • Lifestyle information: “Steps’’ “Weight’’, “Length’’, “BMI’’, “Distance (km)’’, “Active minutes’’, “Heartbeat’’, “REM sleep (min)’’, “Light sleep (min)’’, “Deep sleep (min) ’’, “Activities’’, “Burnt calories’’, “Summaries’’ and “Location”

  • Gamification information (for example, number of active challenges and teams)


How long will we keep your personal data? 

WeFitter only processes personal data when there is a legal basis that allows us to process this data. We ensure within this context that personal data is only processed for the specific goal for which it is collected.

WeFitter will not process more personal data than necessary. If possible, we process less or no personal data.

WeFitter ensures that the breach of your privacy is not too extensive for the goal that is served by the collection of the personal data. We choose to process personal data that breaches your privacy the least when there is a choice between several personal data items to achieve a goal. WeFitter will keep your personal data as long as your account exists and as long as it is needed for the goal for which the data was collected or is required based on the Dutch Public Records Act. We do not keep personal data longer than required.


Special and/or sensitive personal data that we process 

Our website and/or service does not have the intention of collecting data about website visitors who are younger than 16 years old unless they have the consent of their parents or guardian. We cannot, however, check whether a visitor is older than 16. We therefore recommend that parents be involved in the online activities of their children to ensure that personal data about children is not collected without parental consent.

If you are convinced that we have collected personal data about a minor without this consent, contact us through We will then erase this information.


Data security 

We take suitable security measures to restrict abuse of and unauthorised access to your personal data. Your data is stored and processed in an ISO27001 certified datacenter.


Sharing personal data with third parties

WeFitter will not sell your personal data to third parties and will only share it with contracted data processors or law enforcement if this is required for the correct operation of WeFitter and to comply with a legal obligation.

We enter into a data processing agreement with every data processor with whom we share your personal data. Through this agreement, we ensure that these parties handle your personal data with due care and attention because we continue to be responsible for the protection of your personal data.

Users have the freedom to share information within WeFitter with other users. This only takes place if users have specified this explicitly and it is their responsibility.


How you control your information

Our goal is to make control over your information simple. You can easily edit your information in your profile:

  • Update your name, username,

  • Completely delete your account at any time. WeFitter will delete all your information within 30 days.

For client challenges, your challenge admin has access to the same information you share with WeFitter.

If you’re participating as part of an organizational client who chooses to end their service with us, we will delete your data within 30 days of the client service termination.


How you can learn more

If you have any specific questions about your data privacy please contact our Data Privacy Officer (DPO) at

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