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Health API solution

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Trackers & Wearables

A cloud-based API that helps you easily get, understand and leverage user’s health data by integrating activity tracking apps & wearables

wefitter api
Health Gamification

Motivate users to lead a healthier life is not a simple task. By combining health tracking data with gamification, we’ll help you exponentially improve your user engagement.

wefitter api

Data Analytics & AI

Generate predictive models based on health data so you can offer more customized solutions to your users and prevent potential diseases

Over +200,000 connected users worldwide through our API

Health data sources

With these tracking apps & wearables you’ll cover 95% of the market. There are over 100 available health applications sending data trough apps such as Google Fit or Apple Health.

Why use the API?

wefitter api

Immediate Access

Instant connections to a wide range of fitness & wellness wearables and apps with an easy integration from technical department.

wefitter api

Save Time

Deploy WeFitter API in hours, not months, allowing you to keep up with the pace of healthcare innovation.

wefitter api

Save Money

Save 90% or more per year when compared to the cost of building and maintaining a comparable system.

wefitter api

Safe & Standardized Data

All Data is safe and brought into our 27001 certified datacenter in a uniform format with standardized units.

wefitter api

Scale and Focus

Get to your strategic initiatives faster. Focus on your core priorities and let us handle device integrations and vendor relationships.

wefitter api

Artificial Intelligence

By using AI and machine learning we can help you understand and profile users in a better way. Be ahead of the competition foreseeing future health needs.

Real Time Sync

Quick & Accurate

Our realtime synchronization system gets adjusted to the possibilities of each of the integrations.

Depending on each app & wearable, our synchronization can be configured in strips of 5-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour or 24-hour.

wefitter api

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