Is wellness present in your HR strategy?


Not paying attention to the health of your employees can be a problem for your company. Have you ever wondered if wellness is present in your HR strategy? WeFitter has identified 5 reasons why wellness and health should be a priority.

1- The costs of medical care are increasing.

Companies bear the burden of costs related to medical care. Paying an average of 79% of employees insurance. And not only that. We must have in mind that the cost of medical insurance increases year after year, increasing 9.1% last year.

2- Unhealthy employees are more expensive than healthy employees.

Employees with high-risk factors for health, such as obesity, tobacco consumption, and high blood pressure, cost a company 25% more than those with low health risk factors. Furthermore, they are 18% less productive than healthier employees. Equivalent to 2 months less productivity and have higher rates of absenteeism and presenteeism.


Having less healthy employees increases the rates of absenteeism, it costs your company 25% more, which is equivalent to 2 months of productivity.


Help your employees to be more productive with simple tools and actions that you can find in this practical guide.


3- Employees do not follow healthy lifestyles.

Spain is the second country in Europe with more obese people. This is a growing trend in our country. In 2015 the percentage of obese people was 16.7% and in 2030 it will exceed 20%.

According to a Eurostat survey, Europeans spend an average of two and a half hours a week on physical exercise. While 51% of Spaniards do not spend a minute doing sports.

4- Lifestyle changes can drastically reduce the health risks of employees.

Also, many of the problems related to health suffered can be prevented with better nutrition and exercise habits. Corporate wellness programs are an excellent way to drive these changes in lifestyle.

Heineken managed to reduce 10% of the sedentary lifestyle of its staff in 60 days with a sporting challenge powered by WeFitter.

5- The culture of the company promotes well-being.

Seems like that today we spend most of our time at work. So, promoting well-being within your company culture will have a great impact on your company’s productivity.

For a better understanding, analyze this question; who is more likely to be in shape?

Someone who spends 40 hours a week in an environment where people are cycling and walking, healthy food is served, wellness education is provided and fun events that invite everyone to move are scheduled?


Someone who spends the same amount of time in a place where everyone is sitting all day, meals consist of donuts or pizza and most of the exercise that someone performs is walking to the bathroom?

Investing in improving the health of your employees directly impacts your company’s costs. If increasing productivity and reducing costs is important for your company, you can not allow the health of your employees to be an impediment.

Therefore, the wellness of your workforce is more important now than ever. Have you thought about how to include the necessary tools to improve it? WeFitter can help you.

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