Huawei x WeFitter: Fitness and health data from your Huawei device

We are connected: Huawei is now part of the WeFitter connections! 

We have been working intensely on bringing in a new connection, and the day has finally come to announce it: Huawei is available via WeFitter. 

We just launched the first beta version, which is available for a few partners to test and give us insights into their experience. We are now in the testing process, in order to ensure that further acces to the data can be provided to users, for all available parameters. 


We are extremely excited for the moment we can make the connection available to your platform! 

For API users, the Huawei integration waitlist is already available. If you want to request it, please get in contact with our product manager via, to get you connected as fast as possible.


More about Huawei: 

Huawei brings fitness and health to a user's home... By tracking data such as fitness activity, sleep and health, the Huawei wearables are an important asset for the users that want to directly make a connection with WeFitter, instead of doing so through third party connections.  Huawei helps a user with biometric data. 

Do you want to know more? Check out the website of Huawei, get the app, and make the connection with WeFitter to explore all the possibilities in a cross-platform environment!


Let's get fitter!

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