WeFitter x Oura: insights into your fitness & health… at a finger’s distance

What is Oura?

24/7 heart rate monitoring, personalized health insights, sleep analysis, and so much more: that’s what Oura is about. Oura is known for the Oura Ring wearable, making a great addition to your choice of connections within the WeFitter API. This device is connected to the Oura application, offering insights such as heart rate performance, sleep quality and readiness (amount of effort you and your body are able to undergo).

Overall, Oura is a unique wearable offering a great new connection to the WeFitter API. Learn more about Oura here!


Put a ring on it

WeFitter already put theirs! The newest Oura ring is now an integral component to our WeFitter Connections API.

If you have an unlimited connections subscription, you can now go to the dashboard and add Oura as your newest connection. Make sure to select the app you want Oura active on, press ‘app connections’, select Oura, set it as active: and you are good to go!

No access currently to unlimited connections? No stress! If you wish to have access to the Oura connection, please contact, and let’s make your wish come true!


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