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The challenge
Travel a solidary kilometer for each Navarre and Navarra within a period of 20 weeks

“Together we do more.” Fundación Diario de Navarra firmly believes that unity is strength, and in 2016 it was proposed to unite the citizens of Navarre by promoting healthy lifestyles with a common goal. For this, he launched a double challenge: to overcome the equivalent in kilometers to go around the world (40,000 km) and in a second phase to travel the distance from Earth to the Moon (384,000 km). The company picked up the glove and with its physical activity made possible what seemed, a priori, very complicated. When this was achieved, donations from the participating companies were activated, which reverted to social organizations in the field of dependency, disability and active aging.

In 2017, the challenge returns with a luxury partner: Obra social “la Caixa” joins the initiative as co-promoter of this challenge, which this year becomes more demanding. The figure that needs to be overcome is large: 640,647 kilometers, the equivalent of the citizens who lived in Navarra at the end of 2016, according to the Navarrese Institute of Statistics. For twenty weeks, from May 16 to September 29, Navarre society must mobilize to overcome the challenge. In total, there are fourteen companies, new and repeating experience, which participate in the ‘FDI solidary challenge – Obra social “la Caixa”. They will compete healthily among themselves to encourage their employees to carry out sports while channeling their social responsibility and, in the case of overcoming the challenge, they will activate the donations committed to 17 social organizations.

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“Cooperation is the way to make ideas come true and the Solidarity Challenge FDN is a good example”
Virgilio Sagüés
President – Fundación DN
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