Success Case
Heineken Move in!
The Challenge
Around the world in 80 days

The company Heineken used the WeFitter app to challenge all its partners in Spain with the aim of increasing physical activity, improving company engagement with employees and encouraging team building.

The challenge was that in 80 days everyone would contribute with their physical effort to travel around the world (40,000km). This figure would be linked to a donation that would be effective if the challenge was met in the marked period.

The teams are committed to this cause and have overcome the challenge, reaching 66,000km, more than 5.8M of calories burned and more than 24,500h of physical exercise.

In addition to contributing to this cause, Heineken employees have changed their lifestyle. During the duration of the challenge, 10% of sedentarism decreased, a 5% increase in active employees and an increase in the very active 30%.

Thanks to WeFitter, Heineken reduced sedentary lifestyle by 10% of its employees”empleados”
Pilar Hermida
Communications manager at Heineken
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