11 tips for Running in the rain

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You know it well, “April showers do spring May flowers.” However that does not mean that we have to start running indoors, on the contrary, you can enjoy your routine race in the rain. How? We point out a few tips that you can follow for running in the rain.

1.Be aware, You’re going to get wet

First of all, be mindful of the fact that you’re going to get wet. Even using waterproof clothing it is difficult to stay in the rain for a long time and not get wet because those clothes have a limit and are not as breathable because body heat and excessive sweating can lead to a type of condensation inside.

2. Dress in layers and lightweight 

Be sure to dress according to the temperature and not time. Because if you are too warm because it is raining, this will lead you to sweat more and that is not the goal. If it’s windy, consider wearing a windbreaker jacket on your top layer.

3. Eat/stretch inside

Warming up in a refugee site before leaving will cause your body to be hot when you go out and you can go out to run directly when you step on the asphalt, avoiding that you decide not to do it if you have to do all this process under the rain.

4. Wear a hat

Wear a hat or visor to keep the rain out of your face and also help block the wind. This is especially critical if you wear glasses. Wearing gloves is also a good idea.

5. Wear specific socks that absorb moisture

It is inevitable that you step in a puddle while running and if you wear cotton socks will soak and it is not nice to run with them wet. Some people use plastic bags to cover the socks thinking that it will not penetrate the water, but in the same way, you will end up with wet and cold feet.

6. Keep electronic devices safe

It’s obvious. Take a backpack/bag to store your mobile or mp3. Nowadays there are multiple articles that sell so that these devices are safe and take up very little. There are some that through the plastic you can use the mobile without any problem, you adjust it to the arm and ready to run!

7. Wear visible clothing

Use reflective materials or light colors to increase your visibility. If you complement your outfit with LED lights it would be ideal. It is the same as cars, if it rains they have to be more visible by turning on the lights because the same happens to the runners, we have to make ourselves visible.

8. If you are going to attend a race, carry a plastic bag

While you are waiting for the race to start, put the plastic bag on top (usually garbage to cover us) to keep dry and keep you cool.

9. After the race, take out the templates and fill the sports shoes in newspapers

This is done so that the shoe maintains its shape. If they are very soaked you may have to do this process a couple of times. You will see it as the paper moistens more or not.

What you should not do under any circumstances is to put them directly on the radiator or in a dryer, as it will damage the rubber and the glue that gives it shape. If you need to use a heat source, use a dryer with the speed to the minimum.

It would be ideal to have 2-3 pairs of shoes to alternate when you run in these conditions.

10. When you’re running, be careful and watch where you step

The puddles can cover defects in the roads and if you step on the wrong way you can injure yourself. In addition, the asphalt tends to be slippery with rain so moderate your pace and relax as much as you can.

Referring again to the subject of visibility, be careful with cars and bikes as they tend to have less visibility with rain.

11. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself

Running in the rain or with low temperatures can reduce your desire to drink water, in addition to wearing several layers of clothing can increase your perspiration. But even if you do not sweat or are not thirsty there are also risks of dehydration so do not forget to drink water!

They are basic tips that if you follow them you will end up hooked to running in the rain.

And you, what guidelines do you follow when you go running in the rain?

Source: http://yuriinahurry.com/tips-running-rain/

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For sure, wefitter.com isn’t a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that this category will be ok.

Horse rugs are a confusing

Matter for several riders. Some riders don’t feel the necessity to use them and
consider them an unnecessary accessory, though others can’t imagine functioning
without them. What is the Reality? If you choose to use a rug, which would be
acceptable for your horse? It’s true that in their
we must be aware that horses working in horse riding do not possess the same
functioning conditions as the horses living in their natural habitat. To start with, horses training below the saddle are usually shaven, which damages
their natural protective coating against low temperatures. Most time when it is cold outdoors, these horses invest indoors, where they’re not subject to reduced temperatures. Even the matter of another diet is crucial here. This is precisely why we can’t expect them to possess the immunity their free brothers possess. While
altering the horses’ customs and environment, we need to provide them with
protection from the negative effects of e.g. weather. For that very reason we’ve got various types of rugs. Which kind would be useful for your horse and
when to use it? We will try to describe that.

In shops you can encounter these types of carpets:

Coaching — this type of rug is set on together with a
saddle. It will be ideal for colder days. We should mention that
training with them must not be too exhausting, as your horse might
have trouble with losing heat surplus from the body. Dry — usually made from fleece or some other
substance with moisture-absorbing properties. This sort of carpets is usually
used after instruction in order to dry the horse. In shops, you can find them as
fleece rugs. Stable — advocated for shaved horses. They
should protect the horse from heating too much, but in precisely the exact same time they
don’t block air circulation, so the horse does not sweat. To be used in stalls. It will protect
your horse against the wind and rain. Made of materials easy to clean. Rain — it protects your horse’s coat from becoming wet during rain. This kind of rug is ideal for paddocks on rainy days.
Mostly they’re designed to be as waterproof as possible. Usually made from mesh material. This kind of a rug is super useful in summer time, in which horses are especially subject to insects’ bites of all
kinds. Winter —
carpets using padding. To be used on a paddock
or in a non-heated stable. Usually it is possible to choose from a couple
thickness of padding for a single version. Shipping — to be used to protect the horse
during transportation.

Another thing would be to adjust the
Appropriate length. Namely, the way to select proper dimensions for our horse. Particular manufacturers have various
size markers. You can find letter sizes (S, M, L etc.),
centimeters, or inches. There’s a rule where for units of length is the duration of the rug on the horse’s back. This value is essential for deciding on the right
size. E.g. a well-known manufacturer of equestrian equipment Eskadron says
that S = 125 cm, M = 135 cm, L = 145 cm, etc.. Of course, it is best when you can
take a look at a chart when all of the rug’s measurements are mentioned. Then you
can be sure that a specified size will fit your horse correctly.

As you can
See, by employing good rug you can assist your horse in managing unpleasant
Weather, insects, or protect him during transportation. Additionally, You should not overdo
The whole carpet item. Should you use them when they are not required, you can disturb
Your horse’s natural thermal self-regulation. However, you need to remember
That with no rug when the weather is poor, you endanger your horse e.g. into a
Higher risk of getting cold.

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