Why is important to invest in your employees’ wellbeing?


Investing in your employees’ wellbeing will help you to improve the safety and health of your team. That’s essential to have a productive and successful workplace.

According to WHO: The workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic and social well-being of workers and, in turn, the health of their families, communities and society

It seems that preserving and promoting healthy workplaces not only benefits the business itself. It also improves the lifestyle of all those involved.
But, why is investing in the health and well-being of employees necessary? Take note of these good 5 reasons:

1. Healthier employees cost less.

Companies bear the burden of costs related to medical care, paying an average of 79% of employee insurance.
Promoting healthy lifestyles within the company means that absenteeism and presenteeism rates are reduced and the costs involved.

Having less healthy employees costs your company 25% more. Click To Tweet


2. Reduce sick leaves and absenteeism.

Ergonomics applied to the workplace is essential to achieve the wellness of employees.


Musculoskeletal disorders are the second most frequent cause of absenteeism in Spain, causing more than 25% of sick leave.


Musculoskeletal disorders continue to increase. Especially in office work, where repetitive movements predominate and employees spend more than 7 hours per day sitting.

Companies should value initiatives to promote physical activity as an investment and not as a cost. It is essential to encourage practices that end with the sedentary lifestyle: stay longer standing, climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, do more activities in which you have to move … etc.

Musculoskeletal disorders in Spain represent more than 82% of sick leave among workers aged 44 to 55. It entails a spending, at European level, more than 205 million of euros.

3. Decrease stress and increase the happiness of your workforce.

An unhealthy or unhappy work environment is unproductive for any company since physical and emotional health are extremely interrelated with performance.

59% of workers suffer from work-related stress.

Work stress impacts not only the mental health of employees, but it can significantly increase the risk of chronic diseases or heart attacks.

The initiatives to promote healthy habits at work have significant effects in long-term, generating greater self-esteem and confidence in the team.

4.  Improvement of the work climate and image of the company.

Most employees spend more than 50% of their day in the workplace. Therefore, we must avoid a bad work environment, since it is the factor that most impacts the satisfaction of an employee and his commitment to the company.

Therefore, providing employees with health benefits, be it a free pass to the gym or incentives to eat healthier, will boost the collective interest level and create a positive reaction to future initiatives of the company.

Having all employees participate in a health-related activity will improve the company’s image and create a better environment for employees.

Atrápalo introduced sports challenges among its employees to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles with excellent results.

WeFitter has helped us to consolidate our Wellbeing program, introducing everything that is gamification and fun in this type of actions – Mar Nieto. Director of HR in Atrápalo

5. Happier customers.

Everything a worker does in the company affects the satisfaction of a client. An animated, passionate and dedicated employee is what each company wants for itself and for the client.

In most cases, the interaction between the client and the employee determines how a new client feels towards a company. By having healthier and happier employees, customers will be nourished by the enthusiasm and, in return, have a better experience with a company.

In conclusion, the concept of a healthy workplace is becoming more relevant as more companies recognize that future success in a globalized market can only be achieved with a healthy and motivated workforce.

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