Turn your business into an
engaged and healthy community
Optimizing health through gamification and
understanding your user’s health data

New Health data API

Our API helps you improve user’s health combining activity tracker data with gamification

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Encouraging people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle
Real-time data insights
Aggregating data from multiple health & fitness apps to form a complete of user-health
Immediate ROI
Daily measuring the impact on your business. We are just a commission in your savings
User engagement
Unique gamification experience, making sure your users stay motivated, healthy & happy


Gamification & data analytics, the perfect combination for the best outcomes

Corporate Wellness

Improve engagement and increase productivity

Health & life insurance

Reduce health-care costs and improve margins


Improve retention and loyalty by rewarding members


Incentivize citizens for
taking care
Delivering measurable results
Improving consumer health
Retention rate. Our members love it!
Reduction in operational costs
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