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Source Brand Device or App
Apple Apple iPhone 6S
  Apple iPhone 7
  Apple iPhone 8
  Apple iPhone X
  Apple iPhone XR
  Apple iPhone XS
  Apple iPhone XS Max
  Apple iPhone SE
  Apple iPhone 11
  Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  Apple iPhone 12
  Apple iPhone 12 Mini
  Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  Apple iPhone 13
  Apple iPhone 13 Mini
  Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  Apple iPhone 14
  Apple iPhone 14 Plus
  Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  Apple iPod Touch
  Apple Watch
  Apple Watch Series 2
  Apple Watch Series 3
  Apple Watch Series 4
  Apple Watch Series 5
  Apple Watch Series 6
  Apple Watch Series 7
  Apple Watch Series 8
  Apple Watch Ultra
  Apple Watch SE
  Apple Watch SE 2022
  OneTouch Verio Flex (Glucometer)
  One Drop Bluetooth Glucose Meter
  MediSafe Mobile app
  mySugar Diabetes Mobile app
  Qardio Qardioarm
  Pacer Pedometer Mobile app
Source Brand Device or App
Samsung Samsung Galaxy Watch
  Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
  Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  Samsung Galaxy Fit
  Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
  Samsung Galaxy Fit E
  Samsung Galaxy Gear
  Samsung Gear 2
  Samsung Gear Live
  Samsung Gear S
  Samsung Gear S2
  Samsung Gear S3 Classic
  Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
  Samsung Gear Sport
  Samsung Gear Fit
  Samsung Gear Fit 2
  Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro
  Samsung Gear S
Source Brand Device or App
Fitbit Fitbit Ace
  Fitbit Ace 2
  Fitbit Ace 3
  Fitbit Alta
  Fitbit Alta HR
  Fitbit Aria
  Fitbit Aria Air
  Fitbit Aria 2
  Fitbit Blaze
  Fitbit Charge
  Fitbit Charge 2
  Fitbit Charge 3
  Fitbit Charge 4
  Fitbit Charge 5
  Fitbit Charge HR
  Fitbit Fit
  Fitbit Fitbit App
  Fitbit Flex
  Fitbit Flex 2
  Fitbit Force
  Fitbit Inspire
  Fitbit Inspire 2
  Fitbit Inspire 3
  Fitbit Inspire HR
  Fitbit Ionic
  Fitbit Luxe
  Fitbit One
  Fitbit Sense
  Fitbit Sense 2
  Fitbit Surge
  Fitbit Ultra
  Fitbit Versa
  Fitbit Versa 2
  Fitbit Versa 3
  Fitbit Versa 4
  Fitbit Versa Lite edition
  Fitbit Versa Special Edition
  Fitbit Zip
Source Brand Device or App
Garmin Garmin Approach S10
  Garmin Approach S12
  Garmin Approach S20
  Garmin Approach S42
  Garmin Approach S60
  Garmin Approach S62
  Garmin Approach X10
  Garmin Approach X40
  Garmin Astro
  Garmin Bounce
  Garmin Connect App
  Garmin D2 Air X10
  Garmin D2 Bravo
  Garmin D2 Mach I
  Garmin Descent G1
  Garmin Descent G1 Solar
  Garmin Descent Mk1
  Garmin Descent Mk2
  Garmin Descent Mk2i
  Garmin Descent Mk2s
  Garmin Edge 1000
  Garmin Edge 1030
  Garmin Edge 20
  Garmin Edge 200
  Garmin Edge 205
  Garmin Edge 25
  Garmin Edge 305
  Garmin Edge 510/500
  Garmin Edge 520
  Garmin Edge 605
  Garmin Edge 705
  Garmin Edge 810/800
  Garmin Edge 820
  Garmin Edge Touring/Touring+
  Garmin Enduro 2
  Garmin Epix
  Garmin Epix (Gen 2)
  Garmin fēnix
  Garmin fēnix 2
  Garmin fēnix 3
  Garmin fēnix 3 HR
  Garmin fēnix 3 Sapphire
  Garmin fēnix 5
  Garmin fēnix 5 Plus
  Garmin fēnix 5S
  Garmin fēnix 5S Plus
  Garmin fēnix 5X
  Garmin fēnix 5X Plus
  Garmin fēnix 6
  Garmin fēnix 6 Pro
  Garmin fēnix 6 Pro Solar
  Garmin fēnix 6S
  Garmin fēnix 6S Solar
  Garmin fēnix 6X
  Garmin fēnix 6X Solar
  Garmin fēnix 7
  Garmin fēnix 7S
  Garmin fēnix 7X
  Garmin Fenix Chronos
  Garmin Fit App
  Garmin Forerunner 10
  Garmin Forerunner 101
  Garmin Forerunner 110
  Garmin Forerunner 15
  Garmin Forerunner 201
  Garmin Forerunner 205
  Garmin Forerunner 210
  Garmin Forerunner 220
  Garmin Forerunner 225
  Garmin Forerunner 230
  Garmin Forerunner 235
  Garmin Forerunner 25
  Garmin Forerunner 301
  Garmin Forerunner 305
  Garmin Forerunner 310XT
  Garmin Forerunner 35
  Garmin Forerunner 405
  Garmin Forerunner 410
  Garmin Forerunner 50
  Garmin Forerunner 610
  Garmin Forerunner 620
  Garmin Forerunner 630
  Garmin Forerunner 645/645 Music
  Garmin Forerunner 735XT
  Garmin Forerunner 910XT
  Garmin Forerunner 920XT
  Garmin Forerunner 935
  Garmin Forerunner 45
  Garmin Forerunner 45 Plus
  Garmin Forerunner 45S
  Garmin Forerunner 55
  Garmin Forerunner 245
  Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
  Garmin Forerunner 745
  Garmin Forerunner 945 
  Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE
  Garmin Forerunner 255S
  Garmin Forerunner 255S Music
  Garmin Forerunner 955
  Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar
  Garmin FR60
  Garmin FR70
  Garmin Index
  Garmin Index S2
  Garmin Index Smart Scale
  Garmin Instinct Crossover Standard
  Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar
  Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar Tactical
  Garmin Instinct 2
  Garmin Instinct 2S
  Garmin Instinct 2 Camo
  Garmin Instinct 2S Camo
  Garmin Instinct 2 Surf
  Garmin Instinct 2S Surf
  Garmin Instinct 2 Solar
  Garmin Instinct 2S Solar
  Garmin Instinct 2 Solar Tactical
  Garmin Instinct 2 Solar Surf
  Garmin Instinct 2S Solar Surf
  Garmin Instinct 2 Dēzl
  Garmin Instinct Standard
  Garmin Instinct Tactical
  Garmin Instinct Esports
  Garmin Instinct Solar Standard
  Garmin Instinct Solar Camo
  Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical
  Garmin Instinct Solar Surf
  Garmin Lily
  Garmin Marq
  Garmin Marq Adventurer
  Garmin Marq Athlete
  Garmin Marq Aviator
  Garmin Marq Captain
  Garmin Marq Golfer
  Garmin Quatix
  Garmin Quatix 3
  Garmin Quatix 5
  Garmin Quatix 5 Sapphire
  Garmin Quatix 6
  Garmin Quatix 6 Titanium
  Garmin Quatix 6 Solar
  Garmin Quatix 7
  Garmin Quatix 7 Sapphire
  Garmin Quatix 7 Solar
  Garmin Swim
  Garmin Swim 2
  Garmin Tactix
  Garmin Tactix Bravo
  Garmin Tactix Charlie
  Garmin Tactix Delta
  Garmin Tactix 7 Standard
  Garmin Tactix 7 Pro
  Garmin Tactix 7 Pro Ballistics
  Garmin Venu
  Garmin Venu 2
  Garmin Venu 2S
  Garmin Venu 2 Plus
  Garmin Venu Sq
  Garmin Venu Sq Music
  Garmin Venu Sq2
  Garmin Venu Sq2 Music
  Garmin VivoActive
  Garmin VivoActive 3
  Garmin VivoActive 3 Music
  Garmin VivoActive 4
  Garmin VivoActive 4S
  Garmin VivoActive HR
  Garmin Vivofit
  Garmin Vivofit 2
  Garmin Vivofit 3
  Garmin Vivofit 4
  Garmin Vívofit jr.
  Garmin Vívofit jr. 2
  Garmin Vivofit jr. 3
  Garmin Vivoki
  Garmin Vivomove
  Garmin Vivomove 3
  Garmin Vivomove 3S
  Garmin Vivomove Luxe
  Garmin Vivomove Sport
  Garmin Vivomove Style
  Garmin Vivomove HR
  Garmin VivoSmart
  Garmin VivoSmart 3
  Garmin VivoSmart 4
  Garmin VivoSmart 5
  Garmin VivoSmart HR
  Garmin VivoSmart HR+
  Garmin vívosport
Source Brand Device or App
Google Fit Google Fit Google Fit App
  Xiaomi Mi Watch
  Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite
  Xiaomi Mi Band 2
  Xiaomi Mi Band 3
  Xiaomi Mi Band 4c
  Xiaomi Mi Band 5
  Xiaomi Mi Band 6
  Xiaomi Mi Band 7
  Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro
  Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite GL
  Xiaomi Haylou Solar LS-O5
  Xiaomi IMILAB KW66
  Xiaomi Watch S1 GL
  Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTS
  Armani Exchange Connected
  Casio PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20
  Casio PRO TREK WSD-F30
  Diesel Full Guard 2.5
  Diesel On Full Guard
  Emporio Armani Connected
  Emporio Armani Connected Touchscreen Smartwatch
  Fossil Q Control
  Fossil Q Explorist
  Fossil Q Explorist HR
  Fossil Q Venture
  Fossil Q Venture HR
  Fossil Sport
  Guess Connect
  Huawei Watch 2
  Huawei Watch 2 Classic
  Hugo BOSS Touch
  Kate Spade New York Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch
  LG W7
  LG Watch Sport
  LG Watch Style
  LG Watch Urbane
  Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon
  Marc Jacobs Riley Touchscreen Smartwatch
  Michael Kors Access Grayson
  Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch
  Michael Kors Access Sofie
  Mobvoi TicWatch C2
  Mobvoi TicWatch C2 +
  Mobvoi TicWatch E
  Mobvoi TicWatch E2
  Mobvoi TicWatch E3
  Mobvoi TicWatch Express
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro S
  Mobvoi TicWatch S
  Mobvoi TicWatch S2
  Mobvoi TicWatch Sport
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS
  Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Cellular/LTE
  Mobvoi TicWatch GTH
  Mobvoi TicWatch GTX
  Montblanc Summit
  Montblanc Summit 2
  Movable/ DHS Group Movband
  Movado Connect
  Nixon The Mission
  Skagen Falster
  Skagen Falster 2
  Skagen Jorn
  TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E3
  TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4
  TAG Heuer Connected Modular
  TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41
  TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45
  The ToryTrack Gigi Touchscreen Smartwatch
  Ticwatch Pro
  Ticwatch S & E
  Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7YOU
Source Brand Device or App
Polar Polar A370
  Polar Grit X
  Polar Grit X Pro
  Polar H10
  Polar Ignite
  Polar Ignite 2
  Polar Ignite 3
  Polar M200
  Polar M430
  Polar M460
  Polar M600
  Polar OH1
  Polar Pacer
  Polar Pacer Pro
  Polar Polar Balance
  Polar Polar Beat App
  Polar Polar Flow App
  Polar Unite
  Polar V650
  Polar Vantage M
  Polar Vantage M2
  Polar Vantage V
  Polar Vantage V2
Source Brand Device or App
Strava Strava Strava has no own devices, but there is a possibility to connect to other brands.
Less data will be synchronised because it's an indirect connection.
Source Brand Device or App
Withings Withings Activite
  Withings Activite Pop
  Withings Activite steel
  Withings Aura
  Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
  Withings Body
  Withings Body +
  Withings Body Cardio
  Withings Body Cardio Scale
  Withings Body Comp
  Withings Body Scale
  Withings Body Scan
  Withings BPM
  Withings BPM Core
  Withings BPM Connect
  Withings BPM+
  Withings Go
  Withings Healthmate App
  Withings Move
  Withings Move ECG
  Withings Pulse Fitness Tracker
  Withings Pulse HR
  Withings ScanWatch
  Withings ScanWatch Horizon
  Withings Sleep
  Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale
  Withings Steel
  Withings Steel HR
  Withings Steel HR Sport
  Withings Thermo
  Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale
Source Brand Device or App
MyZone MyZone MZ-Switch Physical Activity Tracker
  MyZone MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor
  MyZone MZ-20 Home Scale
Source Brand Device or App
Oura Oura Ring Gen 1
  Oura Ring Gen 2
  Oura Ring Gen 3
Source Brand Device or App
Omron Omron Complete
  Omron Eco Temp Intelli IT
  Omron Evolv
  Omron Ring Gen 3
  Omron M4 Intelli IT
  Omron M7 Intelli IT
  Omron NightView
  Omron RS7 Intelli IT
  Omron VIVA
  Omron WheezeScan
  Omron X4 Smart
  Omron X7 Smart
Source Brand Device or App
  SUUNTO Traverse
  SUUNTO Traverse Alpha
  SUUNTO Spartan Ultra
  SUUNTO Spartan Sport
  SUUNTO Spartan Sport Wrist HR
  SUUNTO Spartan Trainer
  SUUNTO Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro
  SUUNTO 3 Fitness
  SUUNTO 9 Baro
  SUUNTO Ambit
  SUUNTO Ambit 3 Peak
  SUUNTO Ambit 3 Sport
  SUUNTO Dual Comfort Belt
  SUUNTO ANT Heart Rate Belt
  SUUNTO Smart Sensor
  SUUNTO Sports Tracker Smart Sensor
  SUUNTO Sports Tracker HRM2
  SUUNTO Ambit 3 Vertical
  SUUNTO Ambit 3 Vertical HR
  SUUNTO Ambit 3 Run
  SUUNTO Ambit 3 Run HR
  SUUNTO Essential
  SUUNTO Kailash
  SUUNTO Movescout App
  SUUNTO Ambit 2
  SUUNTO Ambit2 S
  SUUNTO Ambit2 R
  SUUNTO Quest

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