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All changes are applicable to all API versions, unless specified in the log. For bi-components of the WeFitter environment (e.g. WeFitter Dashboard), the changes are applicable, unless otherwise specified.


Changelog timeline

Quarter 4, 2023

WeFitter API

1st of November, 2023:
  • Whoop connection live
23th of October, 2023:
  • Added training endpoint to see if it was an inside or outside workout.
  • Dashboard beta released.

Quarter 3, 2023

WeFitter API

20th of July, 2023:
  •  Extend Profile and ProfileConnection serializer with created_at and updated_at.

Quarter 2, 2023

WeFitter API

24th of May, 2023:
  • SDK whitelist default Apple permissions.

WeFitter API

7th of April, 2023:
  • Group ingest calls together.

Quarter 1, 2023

WeFitter API

15th of March, 2023:
  • Rate limit (currently only for workouts).
  • Added admin view to manage webhooks/push endpoints.
  • Better description on calculation method in challenges.
20th of February, 2023:
  • Bio Age V0.1.
  • Fix FitBit time range.
  • Suunto high calories.
  • Send webhooks in bulk (stress sample & daily detail).
26th of January, 2023:
  • Added max score per day for leaderboards.

Quarter 4, 2022

WeFitter API

22nd of December, 2022:
  • Oura API v2 support; new data types available like workouts and more detailed sleep measurements.
  • Added goal progress to members endpoint of challenge.
  • Improved synchronisation speed for WiThings.
  • Improved speed and stability.

05th of December, 2022:
  • Raised default sync time to 100 minutes for GoogleFit.
  • Add visibility flag on connections.
  • Improve efficiency for FitBit.
  • Expand ping service on all data types (blood pressure) for WiThings.

07th of November, 2022:
  • List, data and PDF functionality for ECG.
  • Detailed heart rate samples for intraday heart rate for FitBit, Garmin, GoogleFit and Polar.
  • Preparation for new data types for FitBit.

Quarter 3, 2022

21st of September, 2022:
  • New data type: detailed heart rate information during workouts.
  • Added support for active calories for Oura.
  • Added support for detailed heart rate information during workouts for Garmin, Huawei, Polar, Samsung Health and Apple Health.
12th of September, 2022:
  • New connection: Suunto!
31nd of August, 2022:
  • New data type: Intraday Heartrate.
  • Added intraday heart rate support for Fitbit.
  • Added difference of active calories and bmr calories for daily summaries.
16nd of August, 2022:
  • Added sleep detail support for Fitbit.
  • Added daily detail support for Garmin, Fitbit, Google, Polar, Withings, Samsung Health and Apple Health.
16nd of August, 2022:
  • Added sleep detail support for Fitbit.
  • Added daily detail support for Garmin, Fitbit, Google, Polar, Withings, Samsung Health and Apple Health.
14nd of July, 2022:
  • New connection: Huawei!
  • New data type: Daily Detail!
  • New data type: Sleep Detail!
  • Added elevation and average speed for workouts for Fitbit and Garmin.


Quarter 2, 2022

WeFitter API


15nd of June, 2022:
  • Added possibility of pagination in leaderboard.
2nd of June, 2022:
  • Added new challenge type: Goalbreaker, Receive a point every time the goal value is reached.
  • Always show all enrolled profiles in leaderboard.
24th of May, 2022:
  • Garmin add new measurements (VO2-Max, Body Fat and Blood Oxygen).
  • Polar add resting heart rate.
13th of May, 2022:
  • Added intraday HeartRate for Google, Garmin, Fitbit and Polar (only sleep)
  • Added sleep detail for Garmin (start and end times for sleep phases).
  • Added end time of sleep summaries for all connections.
  • Added sleep score for Withings and Polar.
  • Dashboard: Added reports sections, export .csv of active users, challenges, or teams.

Quarter 1, 2022

WeFitter API

30th of March, 2022:
  • Added support for Heart rate samples
  • Withings: Added functionality for ECG
  • MyZone: data from the workouts is now reflected in the daily summaries.
  • Polar: Added functionality for VO2
14th of March, 2022:
  • Added ECG functionality
  • Increased sychronisation times for fitbit, withings, strava
  • Improved leaderboards for challenges with a capped goal
  • Added bodyfat measurements for FitBit
  • Added biometric measurements for Withings
22 februari, 2022:
  • Added historical data functionaility for googlefit, strava, and fitbit.
  • Added support for custom terms of service, pivacy policy and data agreement files.
  • Improved speed of pulling data from wearables.
21 Januari, 2022:
  • New BiometricMeasurements model and endpoint
  • Added support for mulit language challenge titles/descriptions/slogans.
  • Connections widget now has brand logos.


Quarter 4, 2021

WeFitter API 

  • Data model expansion with more biometric and health parameters.
  • Improved speed of processing data.
  • Diversified gamification functionalities.
  • More connections for an even better experience with the API (to be announced).


  • Dashboard v.2.0. including a new design and new in-page functionalities. 
  • Website v.3.0. with more user interaction available. 
  • New user support process integration, for the convenience and ease of use of our clients and your end users. 
  • WeFitter Demo app launch. 


Quarter 3, 2021

WeFitter API

30 November, 2021:
  • Added strength training activity type.
  • Fix multiple webhooks for the same type would only send the data to one.
28 September, 2021:
  • New connections: Oura!
  • Added date_start/date_end to /profile/<id>/challenge/ to select a specific range of challenges.
  • Added description to the body of /challenge/.
  • Fixed DELETE /challenge/<id>/member/ not always deleting the enrollment.
  • Improved the speed of the leaderboard for streak/stick to it challenges.
06 August, 2021:
  • Disabled saving new daily summary samples.
  • Moved the default "successfully connected" response, when creating a connection and without specifying a redirect, to a separate url.
  • Make search field case insensitive on the leaderboard page in the dashboard.



30 November, 2021:
  • Added the timestamp for when a goal is reached, visible in dashboard -> challenge -> leaderboard.
06 August, 2021:
  • Fixed the challenge edit page in the dashboard to handle large amount of profiles/team
  • Added the ability to search for profiles/teams while adding profiles/teams to a challenge in the dashboard.
  • On the dashboard's challenge edit/create page, an invalid form message will appear when the start date has been omitted, instead of a 500 server error.


01 August, 2021:
  • Android (beta) connection live on WeFitter app
  • Samsung Health (beta) connection live on WeFitter app


16 July, 2021:
  • Dashboard changes (leaderboard pagination, enroll button, search functionality for challenge members)



03 August, 2021:
  • New connection: Samsung Health SDK (available on request). 


16 July, 2021:
  • SDK packages updated with added "Source" header to ingest call.



Quarter 2, 2021

WeFitter API

30 June, 2021:
  • Changed OMH activity type mapping for hiking from other to walking.
  • Changed OMH activity type mapping for snorkeling from other to swimming.
  • Fixed a bug where GoogleFit daily summaries were off by 1 day on the first initial sync.



30 June, 2021:
  • Refactor challenge team leaderboard calculation, make average calculation of teams possible.

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