Small steps, big changes

Create personalized wellbeing journeys that reward daily engagement and create long-term behavioral changes. Taking small incremental steps will improve your populations lifestyles and let them become the best they can be. Fit and fired up to stay healthy. 

Preventive action

Prevent and detect diseases early at a fraction of the costs of current methods. Extending quality of life for millions of people through personalized lifestyle improvements. Make a healthy lifestyle accessible for everyone. The wearable data provides insights that forecast medical health risks, improvements in health, and more...

Attract and retain customers

Implementing a customer first approach by fully embracing the innovations health professionals and customers want and need. Stay relevant and be part of the trend offering vitality as a service to attract and retain customers.

Energising and proactive

Comprehensive assessments such as our Bio Age Scores and user health profiling gives your customers a direction to head towards. Engage them into taking small steps towards healthy habits. 

Move beyond….

.... the traditional way of being a health insurer. Incorporating AI on wearable data to drive digital patient engagement and become a disrupter in the healthcare industry.

BUPA case story

Bupa is a healthcare company with an innovative digital platform. Bupa has an innovative platform/app. The health insurance market has seen a shift towards a more all-round platform. Bupa has an active attitude regarding digitalisation and innovation. Adding healthcare services and aged care, Bupa aspires to make a difference with unique personalised care for members.

Key Results BUPA

  • Easy access to wearable connections
  • Possibility to easily launch more health/fitness related programs

We are very happy with the service and trust the WeFitter Team. We are happy with the partnership and have high expectations of the future!

Pablo Cubela
CIO, Bupa Mexico

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