Unique end-user journeys that motivate

We help you spot individual trends among your end-users using AI to create personalised experiences on your platform.

Dynamic biological age score

Get unique biological age scores to motivate end-users and gain vitality insights.

Individual profiling

We help you to leverage wearable data for personalised health experiences.

Personalised gamification

Use our unique level system to create continuous engagement for your end-users.

Dynamic biological age score

More than just a number

Get deeper insights into the vitality of end-users using a unique biological age score. The estimation helps understanding the fitness level of an end-user trough physical activity - developed in close partnership with longevity professors of the Amsterdam Medical Centre. Moving more may just keep you forever young.

Individual profiling

Unique insights from each end-user

Spot individual trends in your end-users' wearable data. Use our health & fitness recommendations engine for use-cases like personalised vitamins and minerals advice by the experts from Biogena. Boost your value proposition and create new revenue streams.

Personalised gamification

Dynamic engagement for each end-user

Keep users on top of their own fitness and health goals. Self-driven motivation through our personalised gamification module: Life's a game, so level up. 

Biological age scores


WeFitter and AMC partnered to research and develop the biological age scores engine. Together, we have:

  • Spent 200+ hours on research
  • Spent 400+ hours on development

Biological age scores


We developed the biological age scores to give people a reality check on how old they are based on their health and lifestyle data. Platforms can use this module to:

  • Increase engagement
  • Motivate end-users
  • Gain insights
  • Develop new services

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