Gamification tools to create healthy & engaged end-users

Easy & quick to integrate API endpoints. Increase your platforms user engagement and retention. Gamify your users health data for more interaction with your platform.


Retention & loyalty

Use gamification to increase customer lifetime and value.


Community building

Build healthy & engaged communities within your platform.


Engagement & interaction

Gamify your current platform via WeFitter and add new functionalities on the go.

Let's gamify your platform

Activate to move

Challenges can be a great way to motivate individuals to engage in a more healthy lifestyle. We already have a set of standardised challenges to give the user some inspiration, but don't hesitate to use your own creativity to come up with new challenges. 

Challenges have multiple different formats. You can create a team or individual challenge, a streak challenge or a leaderboard challenge and many more.

Achievement unlocked!

Badges keep end-users motivated to be active besides challenges, levels and leaderboards. Create badges in the dasboard to motivate and activate in healthier lifestyles. Enjoy all the freedom and creativity to create badges that fit your company style. Make them different colors, sizes, shapes and more.

Level up!

To the sky and beyond with our level system! Create levels when end-users reach certain activity levels. A great way to stimulate competitiveness between colleagues and teams. Levels is a great addition to the gamification features because it is an addition to challenges and leaderboards.

Go to the App!

Send push notifications to your end-users to remind them to stay active, do daily steps, connect their wearable or whatever you want! A great way to communicate gamification messages through your platform in one go!

Announcing your Top 3!

What is the ranking of your challenge? See it in the leaderboard. Whether you are doing a team or individual challenge, with both you can check the standings in the leaderboard. The leaderboard motivates end-users to get into the top 3 or to secure the top spot!

Gamification results

Higher engagement

In-app engagement rates.


Retain end-users in the platform.

Customer lifetime

Increased in-app customer lifetime value.

Participation rate

Average participation rate per challenge.

Let's gamify user's health!

Save countless dev. hours by implementing our solution

We have spent thousands of hours developing the WeFitter API (and we still do). Use the WeFitter API, save 10.000+ hours development hours and get all features in one API.

How do you want you implement?


Included in this package:

 Full guides and implementation documentation

 Access to dashboard

 Successful integration examples

 Connections onboarding workshop 

 Technical support during integration period

 Marketing partnership


Included in this package:

Everything from basic

Wearable data workshop

 Use of gamification workshop

 Expert test & feedback on your implementation

 Regular check-ins to grow together

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