About us

Located near the city centre of Groningen, WeFitter works with a client-focused team in a healthy mix of young (IT) talent and experienced sales leaders in health tech to create a healthy future for the world.

Our Team

At WeFitter, we believe that we are more than just a group of people working on software solutions. Our team consists of data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers, back-end and front-end developers, and commercially minded individuals, all of whom are dedicated to becoming a leading brand for the future of digital health and wellbeing. 


The People

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General Manager
Gertjan is running WeFitter’s business activities and is developing and implementing sustainable growth strategies. Gertjan brings a wealth of experience in building a SAAS business and he has a passion for sports and data. His favorite activity is distance road cycling.
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Business Owner
Nick takes care of the commercial side of WeFitter and is always looking for innovative new opportunities in the market. Nick is very much into sports tech, tries every wearable himself & loves crossfitting.
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Business Development Manager
Elvan is part of the commercial team at WeFitter, she monitors the health-tech market and is always on the hunt for new business opportunities. Elvan loves fitness and HIIT workouts and loves it even more to HIIT all her monthly goals in the gym with her best friend!
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Business Developer
Max is business developer at WeFitter. He is mostly busy finding new leads or maintaining existing leads. In his spare time he plays basketball.
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Marketing Manager
As a Marketing Manager, Rodney's mission is to create manage high-quality and valuable online presence for WeFitter through online marketing. Outside of work, Rodney put's his wearable (Oura ring) to good use by multiple sports: fitness, soccer, running and mountainbiking.
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DevOps Engineer
As a DevOps engineer he bridges the gap between infrastructure and the development team, when needed he also helps out with adding new features and bugfixes.
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Annette is a support engineer and is ready to look for solutions together. In her free time, she is walking or cycling.
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Back-end Developer
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Front-end developer
As a junior front-end developer, Jahmiro likes to make stunning front-ends. In addition to his work, Jahmiro is following the study HBO-ICT. As a part of WeFitter he also likes to stay fit and he does that by kickboxing.
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Stefan is working as a developer at WeFitter. He focuses on SDK, Apple Health and Samsung Health. To stay fit, he enjoys going to the gym.
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Having grown up around computers, Kars has a love for everything computer related especially software. Kars likes to stay fit and has a passion for cars.
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AI Developer
Matej is interested in data science and anything AI-related. He also works on the front-end development next to the data analysis. To stay active, Matej enjoys climbing, both indoors and outdoors.
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AI Developer
Jamie has a passion for data science and programming. He enjoys analysing large data sets and helping with both front-end and back-end development. In his spare time, he likes to stay active, loves to cook and enjoys good food.
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AI Developer
Pepijn is working in the A.I. development field. He has an interest in data science and machine learning. Pepijn enjoys tennis, running and mountainbiking in the alps when possible!

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