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Are you looking for an ambitious and engaging research project for your end of study project? 

We are looking for you! 

Do you recognize yourself in the following? 

  • You research a tech oriented strategy for several WeFitter products
  • You formulate, together with the team, a powerful and tech-oriented vision for the WeFitter products.
  • You are constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve the goals of WeFitter and are not afraid to do this in technologically advanced ways
  • You stimulate commitment and involvement in your research and advise the team about the solutions in your report
  • You work together with our professional tech and development team to come to a well-founded and substantiated advisory report

We offer flexible research topics!

Our main question is simple: how can we become better? If better means expanding to a new feature, a more efficient way to collect data, expanding to a new data model, exploring the correlation between wearable data and human behaviour... That is up to your to propose! We like co-developing, so we are always looking for coming up with a research project that is driven by the student!

5 reasons why this is for you:

  1. Because you are an ICT (or similar) student who looks at this assignment with passion and enthusiasm 
  2. Because you think it's cool to get outsde the box and support WeFitter its product
  3. Because you find complex projects challenging and can interact well with both technical and commercial people 
  4. Because you know how to deal with a dynamic environment in a high-volume context
  5. Because you are open to a tech role in our company after your graduation internship 

Are you ready to bring research projects to the next level? Apply below!

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