Corporate wellbeing

Unlock the full potential of your organization

Motivate employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get insights in your human capital. Let your employees perform in the best possible way.

Activate to move

Create low level and fun corporate wellbeing programmes fueled by wearable data & health app's installed on every phone. Motivate employees with individual or team challenges, and reward with badges to keep the engagement high.

Employee engagement

Healthy loyalty programs and benefits to create employee communities. Boost teambuilding within an organisation with team challenges so employees can work together towards a goal or top of the leaderboard.

Measurable wellbeing programmes

Gain valuable insights from employee and effectiveness of wellbeing programs. Build healthy habits with more data and monitoring. Healthy habits result in less illness and less employee absenteeism costs.

Attract and retain talent

Interactive wellbeing programs are the key to your employee success strategy. Turn employees into ambassadors for your corporate wellbeing program. More engagement and happiness will result in lower employee turnover levels.

Champ Case Story

The Champ app helps end-users to find gyms & sports locations and join fun challenges, participate in events and get rewarded for all their activities. It's important to know how to motivate employees to live an active life. A corporate wellbeing app is a great solution to the new hybrid working approach nowadays. It gives more contact points between employer and employee and builds a valuable connection.

Key Results Champ

The WeFitter API has allowed Champ to save time on developing connection integration solutions and focus on their interactive product features. 


In the field of health tech, it's important to work with trustworthy partners who understand what you're doing, like WeFitter does.

Michiel Huisman
Co-Founder, Champ

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