Digital fitness

Enrich your fitness experience with wearable data & gamification

Increase engagement and customer loyalty on your platforms with easy and quick-to-integrate API endpoints. 

Data driven fitness coaching

Use wearable insights to enhance your digital coaching programs. Through dynamic insights into your users' lifestyle and fitness activities, you can automate your coaching on a per-person basis. Enrich your service and improve your program based on wearable data!

Gamify the experience to boost the fun factor

Increase engagement on your platform trough AI-driven gamification. Facilitate communities, create challenges and keep you users motivated. Track user progress, set realistic goals and reward new activity levels.

Profile for personalised experiences

Personalisation is becoming key to drive optimal fitness results. It also improves the overall experience. Use dynamic wearable insights for personalized fitness paths and create new business models to generate new revenue streams.

Motivate with bio age

Dynamic bio age scores (created in collaboration with Amsterdam UMC), will motivate end-users to be more active. Keep your users on track on their fitness plans with dynamic bio age scores.

ABEL Health case story

ABEL Health is a digital platform aimed at supporting fitness and health development. With 1 in 3 people suffering from obesity in the Nordic market, there is demand to tackle this problem with the all-in-one health and fitness platform of ABEL where fitness professionals and their clients improve health by working together. 

Key results ABEL Health

ABEL Health is able to provide data to more types of clients, not only fitness focused but also users that want to perform hiking, running, biking and skiing activities, together with a health plan, including nutrition and training.


WeFitter provides an all-in-one solution; compliant with what ABEL Health wants to achieve.

Simon Laugsand
CEO, ABEL Health

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