Partner Highlights: Abel Health x WeFitter

Partner Highlights: Abel Health x WeFitter

Partner Highlights: Abel Health x WeFitter

WeFitter is proud of the partnerships it creates in the health, fitness and tech space. For this, we launched "Partner Highlights"!


In this volume, we are presenting our partner from Norway, Abel Health, and their journey to and with WeFitter. We are discussing their company aspirations, giving some information about their platform and solution, lastly giving some insights from the interview we had with their team: Simon, CEO; Malin, CMO; Rolf, COO. 


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By Alexandra Codreanu & Zino Doornbos

WeFitter is always proud of its collaborations with parties that share the same goal of creating a fitter future. We wanted to know more about ABEL Health's experience with the WeFitter solution and what we can learn from their implementation journey to become better! For this, we talked with the ABEL Health team earlier this month (Simon, CEO; Malin, CMO; Rolf, COO).

''We found WeFitter via word of mouth. We were talking with a contact in Norway, and got the recommendation'' Simon tells us when asked about how he got in touch with WeFitter. ''WeFitter provides an all in one solution; compliant with what ABEL Health wants to achieve'', he continued.

For ABEL Health, the most important aspect of the WeFitter solutionis the possibility to connect with wearable devices. Gamification however remains a significant componenet for the solution they wish to create in the future. Looking at the development direction for ABEL Health, the need to support health parameters is an emerging trend that WeFitter seems to already capture in their development.

'' We will be able to provide data to more types of clients, not only fitness focused, but also users that want to perform hiking, running, biking, and skiing activities, together with a health plan, including nutrition and training'', says Simon, when asked about the impact the WeFitter solution would bring to their platform. With the WeFitter API, they can provide sufficient data to see progression on fitness endurance.

ABEL Health is now in the implementation stage of the WeFitter API. We are excited to show you the result of their implementation once this stage is complete!


The ABEL Health platform is a digital solution aimed at supporting fitness and health development.
Instruct, coach and communicate with end-users for nutrition, rehabilitation and training - it provides all the tools needed for health and fitness professionals to run operations. An all-in-one platform where health and fitness professionals train and guide their clients through working together.


Operating in Scandinavia, expanding to Western Europe. In the Scandinavian market, there is a high level of awareness around fitness&health.
Despite better awareness, there is currently a lack of action towards improving the market health and fitness. For a solution like ABEL Health, the Nordic market is still attractive. With 1 in 3 people suffering from obesity, the population is open for solutions to tackle this problem. 


The vision: One platform where all health & fitness professionals can train and guide their clients through collaborating.
Loyalty, hard work and high ambitions - these are the ABEL Health values. With any collaboration, the company builds the relationship through loyaly. For end-users data security is important, therefore the company complies to all GDPR and data regulations. ''We have trust within our circles owing to our values, and we believe these are they key to our success.''


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