WeFitter partnership 123habit x PGGM&Co

WeFitter partnership 123habit x PGGM&Co

WeFitter partnership 123habit x PGGM&Co

WeFitter partnered up with 123habit to perform in a mutual project for PGGM&Co. In this project the 123habit app will be used in a PGGM&Co member population of healthcare workers in order to help them create small healthy habits. 

The 123habit application is a native application that is downloadable from the Apple app store and Google play store. The 123habit app is all about creating habits inspired by the validated and proofen method of BJ. Fogg. The app is using a method to let the user create small habits around healthy lifestyle like sitting less or walking more. Using this technique users are able to create their own habits making them as small as possible. Maintaining the habit means celebrating a succes and getting a reward chosen by the user itself. Making a new habit creates an egg that will come out and will grow a ''Tiny'' (little animal) living in the animal farms. Maintaining the habit created will make sure the Tiny will grow healthy. 

With WeFitter API 123habit is bringing in connections with fitness app's and wearables to show user progress, profiling and to create habits around activity. With this data 123habit and PGGM&Co will get more insights in the aggregated user progress in order to keep track of their healthy improvements. 

We are very much looking forward to this project making the members of PGGM&Co healthier with them. 

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