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Rich features, easy integration, fun, secure and simple gamification - healthier lifestyle with the WeFitter API. 

Who is your go-to solution for aggregated wearable data and gamification for a fitter lifestyle of end users? The answer is closer than ever.

WeFitter is an online service provider that enables apps and platforms to connect to well-known fitness apps and wearables. WeFitter was created to give apps and platforms a solution for implementing lifestyle and health data from wearable connections and combine it with gamification through challenges, leaderboards and point systems via the WeFitter API.

What do we want to achieve? A notable change and impact on the lifestyle of clients’ end users. We are collecting valuable data and aiming to create more engagement on the client platforms. This way, we want to ensure that more people are using technology to improve their health, with a “fit IT” mindset.


"Healthier end-user lifestyles" - Powered by the WeFitter software & AI-powered technologies

WeFitter is a product of Thunderbyte AI. Thunderbyte.AI is a +10 year old Dutch-founded company which offers solutions to organizations with AI and machine learning cases. The aim of the organization is simple and straightforward: to have a fully dedicated team towards the contribution and transformation of the digital health sector towards preventive healthcare. With a team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, back, front and app developers, Thunderbyte AI can tackle any data related problem in a handshake.

What about WeFitter? WeFitter is created and developed within Thunderbyte AI, and we like to believe that the saying “like father, like son” is not far off from our technological reality. The WeFitter product will be developed towards self-learning using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In this way, customers can create personalized and substantiated advice and journeys. WeFitter is striving for creating a knowledge ecosystem for healthcare and IT, so the active developments are in correlation with clients, stakeholders, the industries and the environment.


A secure and pragmatic product for +250 connection possibilities

Within the company, data security is of utmost priority. Thunderbyte AI is a ISO/NEN certified organization, allowing WeFitter to follow a fully secure model of data. WeFitter is preparing to obtain its own certification in 2022.

Security is highly important, especially when users want to retrieve data from a third party…. And, with WeFitter, there are numerous possibilities. The WeFitter data model features more than 250 connection possibilities, amongst which the leading are Apple Healthkit, Samsung Health, Garmin, Polar, Withings, myzone, Strava and Fitbit. We are constantly working on getting more connections, which will be featured soon.


Do you have any connection that our data model is not featuring? Let us know, and let’s make your lifestyle fitter.


Only with WeFitter.

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