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Breaking Down Barriers: The Rise of FemTech in Revolutionizing Women's Health

FemTech, short for female technology, is an emerging market within the eHealth sector focusing on women's health. This blog describes FemTech, how it helps women and what role wearables play in FemTech.

Partner Highlights: Bupa x WeFitter

In this Partner Highlight we talk with Bupa, an international health leader that wants to promote healthier lifes, adding our wearable connections for patient monitoring. 

Breaking Old Habits, Creating New Ones.

''Transforming towards a healthy life one step at a time.''

A day in the life of a developer

What is it that the WeFitter developers do on a daily basis? We interviewed Jahmiro, Niels and Wessel to learn more about their life at WeFitter.

Gamification Challenge Types

In this blog we will explain all types of WeFitter gamification challenges!

Move-To-Earn: Get rewarded for activity

Move-To-Earn and wearable data, what is the connection?

Reduce healthcare costs through more activity

Cost efficiency is an important part of the healthcare insurance industry. WeFitter has a unique solution to reduce the healthcare costs for both the insurer and the customer, client or patient.

Age is just a number: WeFitter Bio Age

WeFitter is working with Amsterdam UMC to develop a biological age score based on wearable data and AI applications. Get deeper insights into end-user's vitality using a unique biological age score. 


How to keep your employees fit!

New methods to keep employees healthy and fit, statistics from the market and the effect Covid-19 had on employee health.

ECG vs. Optical Heart Rate

How is heart rate measured by a wearable? Read all about two of the most common measurements for heart rate: Optical Heart Rate and ECG.

The First Wearable Ever!

In this blog, we tell you about the idea that led to the first smart wearable created. The goal of this wearable was to beat the roulette gambling wheel!

Partner Highlights: Champ x WeFitter

In this Partner Highlight we talk with Champ, a wellbeing platform that helps organisations to get access to fitness solutions for end-users.

The 8 most used wearables (July 2022)

In this blog, we are talking about the 8 most used wearables in 2022. A description of every wearable, and if it is connected to the WeFitter API.

Industry Highlights: FitTechCompany

It's time to introduce a new communication plan. WeFitter is bringing you Industry Highlights!  In this first Industry Highlight, we talked with FitTechCompany.

Partner Highlights: HealthBlocks x WeFitter

In this Partner Highlight we talk with HealthBlocks, a live-to-earn platform that wants to engage users into a healthy lifestyle.

Gamification Overview

Here is what WeFitter has to offer in terms of Gamification. Boost your engagement NOW!

Partner Highlights: Sanitas x WeFitter

WeFitter is proud of the partnerships it creates in the health, fitness and tech space. For this, we launched "Partner Highlights"!

What is an API?

What is an API? Why should I use the WeFitter API? What makes the WeFitter API unique? Read it all here!

Partner Highlights: MyVitale x WeFitter

We are celebrating our partnerships! Check out the latest volume below!

The Ultimate Guide to Exercising With Your Wearable
Partner Highlights: Abel Health x WeFitter

We are celebrating our partnerships! Check out the latest volume below!

December activity calendar
Behind the newsletter art: Meet Imke Hamstra
Mindful Month
Walk the Walk
Resting x Fitness: Improving your sleep quality with exercising
Fitness Wearables: How do they work?
Healthcare and AI: The trends
The good, the best and the fittest:
Health and fitness gamification: The ultimate booster for user motivation



All about being (We)Fitter

Rich features, easy integration, fun, secure and simple gamification - healthier lifestyle with the WeFitter API. 

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