A day in the life of a developer

A day in the life of a developer

A day in the life of a developer

Developers, WeFitter can't live without. They are the engine of the company and their blood,sweat and tears keep that engine running. The marketing team was wondering what they do every day? What makes their work fun? What are they responsible for? Our marketing team walked along for a day to ask them these questions.

WeFitter is a product of Phaitality, an experienced AI and machine learning company that focuses on the digital health sector since 2008, while contributing towards a transformation into preventive healthcare.

The WeFitter API gives your platform easy access to the most used fitness apps and wearable connections in the market. By integrating our REST API, valuable health and fitness data flow from your end-users towards your platform, to be combined with gamification.

Our developers are constantly working to optimise our API and provide the best service they can get. We asked a front-end developer (Jahmiro), back-end developer (Niels) and the tech lead (Wessel) about their tasks. One starts his day with a cup of tea, the other is still on his e-bike on the way to office. Working times are flexible at WeFitter. The morning starts with a stand-up, a so-called meeting to discuss progress, obstacles and other work-related updates.

Although the tasks differ quite a lot per role, the WeFitter tech team is a smoothly running engine that works together alot. Using three week sprints, new goals are achieved and obstacles are overcome. Niels: ''There is always work to do, I will never get bored. The working pressure and atmosphere is always good.'' Because WeFitter is a start-up, a lot of brainstorm sessions take place to constantly achieve that little bit extra, the unique WeFitter feel. There is no strict hierarchy, a developer has a lot of responsibility, can plan his own days and think along on new projects and come up with own ideas.

During the lunch break, we go for a walk. Time for small talk about things that happen outside of work. Stretching the legs and fresh air is good for work productivity. At the end of the working day, multiple people start playing table tennis. Whenever somebody feels like working from home, this is certainly no issue at WeFitter. 

All three developers are very positive when they are asked how they experience their work at WeFitter (of course ;) '' The enthousiasm of our partners and the positive responses I get when I have built something that I am responsible for, give a lot of satisfaction.'' Says Jahmiro. Wessel says: ''It's very cool to see what partners do with our product and how they respond to it, gives me even more motivation to further improve the product.'' He is the one that our partners talk to when they need help, request improvements or have an issue. ''The enthusiasm I receive, is the best thing about my job.''

A few weeks ago, we had a photoshoot with all employees (photos coming soon!), and the afternoon was concluded with some padel games. ''Through these kind of activities, I get to know my colleagues better.'' Says Jahmiro. ''I just started at WeFitter. Because the team is quite young, sometimes there is the opportunity to hangout after work and do fun things with like-minded individuals. It's one of the reasons I chose this company.'' The other developers also mentioned the nice atmosphere at work and the bond you create with some of your colleagues. 

WeFitter still is a relatively small company with little employees, so it can be challenging to start on something. Some things haven't been done before, so you start from scratch. Because of this, sometimes the knowledge is lacking to create it fluently. This is where teamwork comes into play. By sharing knowledge and solving problems together, a solution is always within reach. ''Making our API production ready can be quite challenging. That's more than I learned in school, but when we succeed, it gives a good feeling.'' Says Niels. Another developer compares it to a puzzle: ''Often, it takes a long time to finish a difficult puzzle, but when you put in that last piece, it feels very good.''

Why should one choose for WeFitter? The developers gave the same answer to this question. The good working ambiance, the freedom you have to do your work and opportunities to grow and learn. WeFitter encourages to look further than your current role and look for new tasks that suit you.

The company is growing and this gives employees the chance to grow along. Even when you join as a new employee, it's a great place to start because you can jump on the bandwagon and ride along. You get the opportunity to work on important and interesting projects and be a decision maker: ''You are the one that puts things in the right place, giving you the feeling that you actually contribute.''

Are you excited to see what opportunities are available at WeFitter? Helping the developers further develop the WeFitter API? Or join the marketing team with your qualities? Check our vacancies page to see what fits you. Nothing suited for. you? Feel free to drop an e-mail and we can see if there is a solution that for you personally!

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