Power the next generation of healthcare innovations

Empower patients to actively engage. Support individual routes to recovery by means of technology, from prevention to aftercare.

More than just fitnessdata...

Wearables are bringing a whole new dimension into the healthcare space. By introducing real-time monitoring to treat diseases, prevent illness, promote healthy lifestyle, manage patients with chronic illness and reduce healthcare costs. 

Patient engagement and adherence

AI powered gamification for interactive patient journeys to create higher adherence rates, impactful health results and improved patient engagement. Remote patient monitoring saves time on both sides of the health journey.

Predict and monitor health risks

Use wearable insights to continuously scan your population, identify orange and red flags and predict risk cases to intervene preventively. Deliver a connected patient journey and ensure health professionals have the latest patient wearable data in real-time based on HL7FHIR data output. 

Add years to life

Make a healthy lifestyle accessible for everyone. Prevent and detect diseases early at a fraction of the costs of current methods. Extending quality of life for millions of people through personalised lifestyle improvements.

Sanitas Case Story

Sanitas is a Spanish health platform, offering multiple services to create an all-in-one platform. The all-in-one platform consists of hospitals, health centers, dental centers, but also many external partners, like WeFitter. The core function of Sanitas is health insurance. Sanitas strives to be a market leader when it comes to technology, and wearable data health advice surely helps with that!

Key results Sanitas

Sanitas achieved 3 results from the WeFitter integration: 

  • Smooth wearable integration
  • More knowledge about customers health.
  • Better health advice from the doctor to the patient.

Wearable data is a key element. Customer's wearable data, helps doctors with healthcare advice.

Jesús Jerónimo
New Digital Services & Products Director, Sanitas.

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