Partner Highlights: Sanitas x WeFitter

Partner Highlights: Sanitas x WeFitter

Partner Highlights: Sanitas x WeFitter

In this volume, we are presenting our partner from Spain, Sanitas, and their journey to and with WeFitter. We are discussing their company, the market, giving some information about their platform and solution, lastly giving some insights from the interview we had with their Director of New Products and Online Services, Jesus.

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By Alexandra Codreanu & Zino Doornbos

''The WeFitter service is a key element for Sanitas, bringing us the data with wearables. The customer has programs to connect their wearable, which helps doctors with healthcare advice based on wearable data.''

This April we had contact with one of our partners, Sanitas. Through Jesus (Directer of New Products and Digital Services), we found out more about the integration of Sanitas with the WeFitter API. Learn more about our success story below!

Jesus on the choice for WeFitter: ''We had already collaborated with WeFitter in the Healthy Cities program, an internal employee program focusing on daily steps and activity with wearables. Last year we were looking for a provider to integrate wearables like FitBit, Garmin and more, so we contacted WeFitter again.''

WeFitter is a vital part of the Sanitas product. Jesus explains how the WeFitter service is used in the Sanitas platform: ''The end-customer has some programs where they are able to connect their wearable, if they want to. Then if they want to talk to a doctor, the doctors can use the wearable data for their healthcare advice.''

''WeFitter is very reliable. Always if there is something, Nick or Alexandra is there to help. I would call it a good relationship. A very good provider and a very good service.'' Says Jesus about his relationship with the WeFitter team.


Active in the Spanish health market, branch of multinational Bupa, Sanitas covers different types of health services. 
Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Sanitas already implemented digital health consultation. Before the pandemic, 300 daily consultations were scheduled, whereas during the pandemic an estimated 5000 consultations were scheduled daily. This boost resulted in an after lockdown daily digital consultation number of 4000, still providing people with the possibility to have a physical consultation.


Known for it's digital services ahead of the market, many of the nearly 2 million customer use the digital Sanitas platform!
Sanitas is a Spanish health platform, offering multiple services to create an all-in-one platform. Connected to 5 hosppitals, more than 20 health centers and almost 200 dental centers, but also to many external partners. The core function of Sanitas is the health insurance.


Sanitas achieved 2 big results after the WeFitter integration: Knowledge about customers health and better health advice from doctor to patient. A quote from Jesus: ''The WeFitter service is very reliable, we have never had any sort of down time, and it is good value for money. The integration went smooth and they even been coming with proposals for more service options and integrations''


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