Health and fitness gamification: The ultimate booster for user motivation

Health and fitness gamification: The ultimate booster for user motivation

Health and fitness gamification: The ultimate booster for user motivation

To gamify, or not to gamify? What several years seemed an impossible choice, is now a trend for app developers wishing to maintain users engaged while performing fitness activities. To gamify fitness and health, simply put, refers to re-enacting the idea of a ‘game’, so that users feel connected, engaged with and developing a sense of achievement while performing physical activities.

Up for the challenge!

Gamification can be implemented in multiple ways, but the most common one is through setting goals and challenges for users and teams. With this, fitness and health can be achieved in a fun and active manner, where exercising is not a ‘must’ but an extremely fun ‘want’. Looking at the past year, being active was less important for the most, worldwide.

The inspiring benefits of gamification

It is clear that keeping fit is the only solution to a healthy lifestyle. However, is fitness gamification the way to maintain health? Research shows that competitiveness can be linked to chronic management improvement and physical activity development. When paired up with technological and social components (wearables and reward systems), gamification can be the ultimate tool to boost the motivation of users to become fitter.

But, is there more to it? There is, indeed. Several studies connect fitness gamification to employee productivity and commitment at the workplace. Where more and more employers are striving for productivity, efficiency, increasing revenues and market shares, some fail to consider the employee happiness and wellbeing. Maintaining the fitness and health engagement of employees could well be the key to ‘having it all’ in a corporate environment!

Looking ahead

Amongst many others, there are some key trends to keep in mind for the future. First, the gamification market is continuously growing, so it is important to make sure you are up to date with the latest technology and gamification strategies. Second, gamification is highly connected to employee engagement and productivity, where 72% of employees feel inspired to work harder when using gamification. Third, if an organization’s ultimate aim is to maintain engagement and motivation, gamification is considered to be a “must-have” approach in 2021.

The WeFitter API

WeFitter is amongst the pioneers of health and fitness gamification through an API software. Do you want to know more about how to create challenges, teams and reward your end-users using a simple and convenient API? Learn more on our Developer Portal.


Do you want to implement gamification as well? Contact us via, or simply through our contact form, and let’s get your end users fitter, healthier and motivated.




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