Resting x Fitness: Improving your sleep quality with exercising

Resting x Fitness: Improving your sleep quality with exercising

Resting x Fitness: Improving your sleep quality with exercising

Have you ever experienced overexertion and just passed out from exhaustion? 

Then why would exercising not give you a good night’s sleep? There have been so many studies that go back and forth on this subject. What they have found out now is that it actually is a two-way effect between getting enough sleep and exercising. Researchers determined that optimizing your exercise routine can help you sleep better and in return getting an adequate amount of sleep will allow healthier physical activity levels throughout the day.

Benefits of sleep 

Moderate to heavy exercise routines can increase sleep quality for adults by reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. This same level of exercise can also decrease the risk of excessive weight gain which now reduces the likelihood of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Physical activity also helps alleviate sleepiness throughout the daytime hours and can help most people reduce the need for sleep medications.
However, some studies have proven that heavy exercise three hours or less before you go to bed does not have the same effect. It actually gives you poor sleep quality because it can increase your heart rate, body temperature, and adrenaline levels. 

Now, this doesn’t seem to be the case with everyone though, because there have been other tests that have proven that exercise right before bed doesn’t have a negative effect. Know your body and find out what works best for you. If you find that exercising right before bed keeps you awake or doesn’t give you a good quality of sleep, then change up the time you are exercising.

Types of Exercise

There are six best cardio exercises that can give you the exertion you need to help you sleep while burning the most calories and increasing good heart health. Running is probably the most popular cardio exercise. Running for 5 or 10 minutes a day, even at slow speeds, can reduce the risks of death and cardiovascular diseases. Running regularly strengthens your muscles, (specifically your calves and glutes), helps maintain a healthy weight, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Swimming has many health benefits because it works out your whole body. Swimming tones the muscles in your whole body builds strength and helps to alleviate stress. Walking is the easiest cardio activity. Walking regularly helps to boost your immune system, helps ease joint pain, reduces body fat, increases muscle strength, and reduces the risk of developing heart disease. 

Jumping rope will help keep you fit, maintain, and/or lose weight. It improves your coordination, increases your agility, and reduces stress. Cycling is a great form of exercise. It can get your heart pumping and build muscle. It increases bone density, eases joint pain and stiffness, and decreases stress levels. If you want to keep track of these exercises you can set your own goals by health and fitness gamification

Biking - The Electric Bike

We know that studies show that exercise is good for you and hear all the time that using a traditional bicycle is the way to do that. However, there is another option, electric bikes. Electric bikes have mental health benefits that may make them a better fit than regular bicycles. It can help with depression, anxiety, making you feel better mentally and emotionally, and even your sleep patterns. 

Spending time outside, whether you’re riding in nature on an all-terrain electric bike or cruising around town on a comfortable electric bike, getting some fresh air is great for your mental health. Riding an electric bike can prevent fatigue, burn-out, and exhaustion by going between pedal assist settings so you don’t get too tired. Most electric folding and commuter bikes offer multiple levels of pedal assist. You can always buy an already made electric bike or you can put your own electric bike together by installing a bicycle motor kit on a standard bicycle.

Takeaways to 'sleep' on

If you want to sleep, do good exercise daily. Exercise not only helps you sleep but there are many other benefits to improve your overall health. Remember that whatever exercise you choose to do, listen to your body if you are trying to do it right before you go to bed. And a good night's sleep will also give you more energy to exercise the next day!


Author: Rachel Eleza

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