Behind the newsletter art: Meet Imke Hamstra

Behind the newsletter art: Meet Imke Hamstra

Behind the newsletter art: Meet Imke Hamstra


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In the November edition, we featured quite some new designs, that carry not only the message of our product features, but that were specially designed by a recent graduate student: Imke.

In this blog, we want to introduce Imke to you.


"I’m Imke Hamstra, a recently graduated illustrator at ArtEZ in Zwolle. In my work I’m mainly focussing about the world around me. Since the lockdown, I started to get a great fascination for digitalization. In my graduation work ‘road to robot’, I made a 12 meter long landscape. Subjects as algorithms, drones and face filters pass by. In a confrontational way I’m showing how people allow more and more, with as goal to make the other aware of the situation. By making illustrations for Wefitters newsletter, I focussed more on the positive side of digitalization.

How wearables contributes to a better health for example. In this upcoming period I’ll show you the valuable aspects of digitalization."

- Imke Hamstra, illustrator newsletter WeFitter

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