How to keep your employees fit!

How to keep your employees fit!

How to keep your employees fit!

Did you know that 1 in 7 employees suffer from mental health issues? This is a major problem among companies. Therefore it has been given more priority than ever before and especially since Covid-19. Wellbeing, vitality and health are important topics among employees, something that is finally realised by a majority of companies. Many companies have hired an employee vitality/wellbeing manager in the last couple of years.

Research has shown that healthy employees are more satisfied and motivated at work. This increases the work performance and productivity. By focusing on the wellbeing of employees, the absenteeism will be reduced. Long term investments in public health are becoming more common. Besides, 79% of employees are more productive when they exercise regularly.

According to the exercise guidelines, an adult should exercise at least 2,5 hours per week. Only half of the people comply with this minimum of 2,5 hours per week. That means half of your employees (taken the average) could use more exercise to become more healthy. Now it's time to highlight multiple actions that can be taken to increase vitality and health among your employees!

Motivate your employees to walk more.

Starting today, suggest to your colleagues to go for a walk during your lunch break. This will give people more energy and it can also be a lot of fun! It improves work productivity because exercise contributes to lower stress levels and more focus. 

Purchase a sit-stand desk for you employees.

Did you know that, on average, in the Netherlands people sit the most in one day? The Dutch people sit about 9.5 hours per day! Research has shown that a lot of sitting is bad for your health. It can increase the chance of heart related diseases. A recommendation of a daily exercise of 30 minutes is given, however, this doesn't compensate the sitting time of an average Dutch person for example. With a sit-stand desk, you give employees the opportunity to improve their sitting habits and create a more dynamic working environment.

Dwell on the mental health of your employees.

Not only physical health is important, but mental health also plays a big role in employee vitality. Since Covid-19, 1 in 7 people struggle with mental health problems. As an employer, it is very important to dwell on the mental wellbeing of employees. Read more about it in this blog!

Give your employees the opportunity to grow.

Provide your employees with a sense of purpose and mental challenge. With growth opportunities and the feeling of appreciation, employees are more passionate about their work and perform better.

Ensure a healthy and green office.

Good ventilation is a must. Fresh air is very important because when the air quality goes down, employees suffer from all kinds of complaints such as fatigue and headaches. Some plants provide cleaner air and have a calming effect. So, it is good for physical and mental health, a win-win situation!

So how do you measure actual activity among your employees/end-users? Wearable connections! WeFitter has a wide range of connections so anyone with an iPhone can connect, you don't need a smartwatch. Calories burned, number of daily steps, kilometres moved and heart rate zones are some of the measurements used to measure health when it comes to employee activity.

Great that there is a measurement tool, but can I also motivate to increase those numbers? Yes, we've thought of that too! With the unique WeFitter gamification dashboard you can now create challenges in your platform where the end-users get more motivation to compete in custom-made challenges. Let them strive for top of the leaderboard, unlock new badges and possibly even win prizes! 

Interested to hear what more we have to offer? Let's get in touch and see how we can set up a great partnership!


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