Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Another day at the office, or working from home - it all brings quite some repetitiveness in our lives. We have our (online) meetings, daily discussions and always reach our ‘talk the talk’ target. Our to-do lists are overflowing with tasks, and the chair that we are so comfortably sitting on seems to invite us more and more into not standing up until the end of the working day.

Work day final destination: couch and TV?

Does this seem familiar to you as an employer or employee? It might be the right time to think about a change.

We have just the secret recipe for increasing your productivity and creativity. Walking is the ultimate ingredient for a productive life, and while all of us are adjusting to a comfortable work schedule in the office, at home or hybrid, we tend to forget that our body is our priority of the to-do list. Maintaining physical fitness will ultimately help us reach our professional target faster, more efficiently and with a long-term positive impact on our health.

How can I start?

Fitness made more fun and easier than ever - all you need to do is to make it an interactive and engaged setting. From our experience, fitness gamification is the way. WeFitter wants to help you in your journey to creating a healthier community and a fitter world. We created a weekly challenge hub, to help you get inspired and motivate your endusers in becoming more active, more healthy and more engaged.

Walk the walk challenge

Walking, as said before, is the secret ingredient to a slow start, but a certain result.

The set-up:

  • Challenge type: Individual
  • Goal type: Duration
  • Goal: 30 minutes
  • Repetition: Daily

Keeping end-users motivated

It is important to maintain motivation throughout repetition. Why not add an interesting reward at the end of each month? Perhaps an attractive night-out voucher at a healthy restaurant might be bring more results. Try making the challenge a streak or stick-to-it one, to further motivate your endusers in achieving their repeated goals.

Walking individually, but connected: Your custom playlist

We created a playlist for this challenge, to enhance the feeling of ‘community’. Your endusers can feel that they are taking these steps together, on the same soundtrack.


Start challenging, start listening together, start walking! Fitter mindset, fitter results.

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