Mindful Month

Mindful Month

Mindful Month

The changing weather may have many effects on the wellbeing of your employees: from the autumn melancholy to decreasing energy levels and a higher chance of becoming seasonally ill. These changes can have direct effects to the mental wellbeing of employees, therefore decreasing productivity at work.


What can you do to maintain the wellbeing of your employees during seasonal changes?

This week we want to inspire you to become more mindful. Yoga is a proven activity to support the short-term mood improvement, with longer-term effects such as sharpening the brain. Yoga actively invites participants to immerse in the mindfulness playground and become more liberated and detached from day to day stress.

Mindfulness with WeFitter

As part of our weekly challenge hub, fitness gamification was proven to be a tool for motivation, engagement and retention. This week we are presenting a challenge to help you motivate your endusers to become more mindful.


Mindful Month

Yoga, as said before, is a proven ingredient to a mindfulness immersive experience.

The set-up:

  • Challenge type: Individual
  • Goal type: Duration
  • Goal: 35 minutes
  • Repetition: Daily
  • Activity: Yoga


Keeping end-users engaged

It is important to maintain engagement throughout repetition. You can bring in inspiration from multiple sources, such as podcasts with specialists and a workshop at the beginning of each month to help your employees recharge and reconnect. 


Yoga: an immersive experience with selected music

We created a playlist for this challenge, to enhance the mindfulness experience. Your employees can press 'play'. and start their mindful journey without any further search..


Fitter mindset, fitter results.

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