Industry Highlights: FitTechCompany

Industry Highlights: FitTechCompany

Industry Highlights: FitTechCompany

In the first volume of Industry Highlights, we are presenting FitTechCompany, the networking space for health, fitness & tech. We are discussing their company, the market, giving some information about their platform and solution, lastly giving some insights from the interview we had with their Founder, Natalia Karbasova.

''We bring together corporates, startups and investors from wellbeing health and fitness sectors to help them move forward, get inspired and build long-lasting relationships.''

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So, Natalia, we know your company, but I am sure our readers would like to hear more from you. Can you tell us more about your product and company?
FitTech Company is the networking & knowledge platform for international founders & executives shaping the future of fitness, health and wellbeing - with focus on technology.

And what industry would you say you are working in?
We have actually created the FitTech industry from scratch, in a way!

Do you have a company goal?
Our goal is to connect founders & executives in the area of fitness, health & wellbeing + tech so that they can grow their businesses faster and respectively make humankind healthier.

How does FitTech connect it's partners with each other?
We do this through dedicated offline & online events, member directory, direct intros & market insights, the exact scope depends on the membership tier.

What does the future look like for you?
Onboard 1000 members in the next 2 years!

We met at the FIBO, which was a great start! How do you see the FitTechClub and WeFitter partnership?
We want to help WeFitter plug into the fittech ecosystem and become part of the most forward thinking community, faster!



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