Gamification Overview

Gamification Overview

Gamification Overview

Gamification is a great way to engage people into more activity, better team building and hopefully healthier lifestyles. In this blog we will tell you more about the definition of gamification, the measurements and effects of gamification and WeFitter's gamification options.

Why Gamification?

  • Gamification improves customer/end-user retention and loyalty: use it to increase customer lifetime and value.
  • Increase community building: Together we can build healthy & engaged communities within your platform.
  • Integral content gamification: Gamify your current platform via WeFitter and add new functionalities on the go.

How can you measure the effects of Gamification?

  • Activity change: The average increase of activity during a challenge compared to the activity before the competition across all users.
  • First-last: The difference in number of steps, km's, active minutes, burned calories, etc, between first and last place in the challenge. In engaging competitions, first and last aren't too far apart.
  • Rank swaps: The total number of rank changes during the challenge. An engaged challenge consists of a high number of rank swaps.

Types of challenges

  • Goal challenge: Who gets to the goal the fastest? A challenge for competitve and striving users. Set the goal in distance, kcal burned, time or points and off you go(al)!
  • Team challenge: Set-up teams and compete to rank highest in the leaderboard at the end of the challenge. It's a great way of teambuilding.
  • Stick to it challenge: Users try to stick to a daily goal set as often as they can. Use daily calories burned, steps taken or kilometers walked as the metric.
  • Leaderboard challenge: All users fight for one thing, to become the number 1 in the leaderboard. An end-date is set where the leaderboard will be finalised.
  • Global challenge: Set a total goal to be reached by the whole community that joins this challenge. Example: If 40,000 kilometers are walked, X amount of money goes to charity.
  • Individual challenge: Challenge yourself to reach your goal in this (private) challenge.
  • Streak challenge: Score points on the amount of days in a row the user reaches the goal. Reach the longest streak of 10,000 steps a day in three weeks time.

Gamification functions

  • Badges: Create all the badges you want with the Gamification API. With badges, users keep striving to claim all possible badges.
  • Point models: Create point models for the type of metric that is used in a challenge. 1 point per kilometer, 10 points for 10,000 steps taken or points per active minute, it's all in your hands!
  • Ping service: Get automated pings from the WeFitter API for triggers like: Challenge achieved or 50% completed. Connect your own pop-ups or notifications to our triggers to motivate users even more.
  • Events: Connect your platforms existing content to our event endpoints to give users points for the services you already provide. Gamify existing functionalities.


Wondering how this can be implemented in your platform?
Talk to our team of dedicated professionals who are more than excited to talk with you to see how you can partner up with WeFitter.





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